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From the AKC GoodDog! Helpline

Sitting Pretty is a cute trick also often referred to as “beg.” The dog starts in a sit and then raises his front legs up so he is sitting on just his back legs with front feet legs curled and held in front of him.

It is helpful if your dog already knows “sit.”

Get some tasty small treats that are very high value to your dog.

Ask him to sit.

Take a treat and hold just barely above his nose and raise the treat slowly. As your dog rises to get the treat, his front feet should come off the ground. At that point, praise and give him the treat.

Continue raising the treat higher so your dog stretches further until he is completely sitting on his hind haunches.

Some dogs have difficulty keeping balance when in this position so help them by letting them rest their front legs on your arm until they get used to holding the position for a few seconds.

When they are consistently performing the behavior, give it a verbal cue like “sit pretty,” “sit up,” or “beg.”

This trick is not only cute, but it is a good stretch for dogs that strengthens their back muscles.

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