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If you have more than one dog, you’ve probably experienced the hassle of walking with two leashes; unless your dogs are extremely polite on their walks, the leads almost inevitably get tangled up. Or, as one dog moves off to do his business or the other stops to sniff something delicious, it can get really awkward trying to manage two leashes.

A double leash may be just the solution. Some of these leads use a coupler that attaches to the dogs’ collars, with one leash attached to that. Others have a swivel attachment that attaches to two separate leashes. The goal is to choose a style that gives each dog room to move without the leads becoming tangled. You’ll also want something that allows you to maintain control without having one dog underfoot while the other tries to zoom across the street. Which style works best for you is really a matter of preference. Here are some options in both styles.

No Tangle Dog Leash Coupler

You can use the leads you have and just attach them to this coupler, which is made of heavy-duty webbing with an alloy ring. Each side of the coupler is adjustable from 11-20 inches, making it easy to walk dogs of different sizes.

Double Dog Leash With Soft Handle

This sturdy nylon/polyester, braided double leash has a swivel clasp that easily adjusts when your dogs move side-to-side or crisscross. It’s long enough, at 50 inches, to give each dog plenty of room, and the soft foam handle is easy on your hands.

Double Dog Leash With Reflective Stitching

Made for medium and large breeds, this dual coupler leash has a neoprene handle on the side of each leash, which means you have individual control of each dog when you need it. Each side of the leash is adjustable, and the reflective stitching is a nice safety feature.

Bungee Double Dog Leash Coupler

Some owners prefer the bungee-style double lead, and this one performs well. It stretches just enough to give each dog some room, but acts as a shock absorber for you, should one dog (or both) pull suddenly. The single lead allows you to keep one hand free, too.

Braided Nylon Dual Dog Leash

A steel-reinforced swivel prevents the double leash from becoming tangled, and the single soft grip is easy on your hand. At 54 inches, it’s long enough for large dogs. And, with its bright pink and black design, it might be just the thing for two female dogs.

Adjustable Length Coupler and Lead

With the EZ-glide hardware, you can quickly adjust the length of each side of the coupler to accommodate different size dogs. The swivel leash attachment keeps the leads from becoming tangled. Use your own leashes or add the 36-inch padded handle.
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