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After narrowing down the National Obedience Championship competitors to the top 50 in the nation, one dog took the top prize.

Maverick the Border Collie, handed by Mitzi Tinaglia, won first place. Awards were given for the top ten dogs.

Top 10 NOC Winners

2019 National Obedience Champion – Maverick the Border Collie, handled by Mitzi Tinaglia.

This is Tinaglia’s second NOC. “[I love] the relationship that is developed from day to day in our journey towards perfection in the sport of obedience,” Tinaglia says. “I enjoy training and coaching my dog to get the best effort and attitude.”

First Runner Up – Juiced the Golden Retriever, handled by Sharri Sibert.

This is Sibert’s third NOC. “The special bond!” Sibert says. “Juicy is my first Golden and the first female that I have trained. I also do field with her. AKC Obedience creates such a special bond between handler and dog! I love the sport!

Second Runner Up – Layla the Golden Retriever, handled by Peggy McConnell

This is McConnell’s sixth time at NOC. “[I love] the bond it creates between me and my dog. When we have an exceptional performance, the thrill of that success in working as a team. Going to different parts of the country and seeing new ways of training and showing and, of course, the people I meet.”

Third Runner Up – Beacon the Golden Retriever, handled by Kathy Rasinowich

This is Rasinowich’s 17th NOC. “[I love] seeing all the great dogs and talented handlers from all over the United States,” Rasinowich says. “It’s like a reunion.”

Fifth place – Saucy the Golden Retriever, handled by Bridget Carlsen

This is Carlsen’s ninth NOC. “Is so enjoyable for me to help my students prepare for such a memorable moment in their dog’s career,” Carlsen says. “Nothing brings me more happiness than watching them becoming a better team and seeing them reap the benefits of their hard work.”

Sixth place – Circus the Golden Retriever, handled by Annette Sizemore

This is Sizemore’s third NOC. “I love to compete in obedience because I feel that it is a sport anyone can do and enjoy,” Sizemore says. “I do love to train and prepare for shows with friends, but I also enjoy that special one-on-one time and the bond you build while teaching a dog a new exercise.”

Seventh place – Tyson the Miniature American Shepherd, handled by Mara Wacker

This is Wacker’s second NOC. “We have been training all year for this event,” Wacker says. “It is an honor to be at the NOC this year!”

Eight place – Meg the Border Collie, handled by Muriel Johnson

This is Johnson’s fifth NOC.

Ninth place – Takoda the Golden Retriever, handled by Nancy Peterson

This is Peterson’s sixth NOC. Peterson and Takoda competed together both in NOC and NAC this year. “[We] love working together as a team,” she says.

Tenth place – Blink the Border Collie, handled by Ann Marie Scripko

This is Scripko’s first NOC. “I love the precision and teamwork that is needed to compete at this level. I feel Obedience really builds a beautiful relationship with your dog. Blink is my best friend!

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