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If you and your pup are competing in any dog sport, you may start to accumulate ribbons. But what do you do with all of these prizes? Give them a place of honor in your home! Here are fun dog show ribbon display ideas for every decorating style.

Trophy Wall

Probably the easiest dog show ribbon display idea is a “trophy wall,” a space to hang all the ribbons you earn. This can be in a hallway, living room, bedroom, or a dedicated space to help inspire you while working with your dog. An easy way to hang ribbons directly on the wall is to add a hanging line or wire to which you can clip ribbons and rosettes. If you’re renting and are not able to put holes into the wall, opt for damage-free adhesive hooks.

Wall Rack

Another option for hanging a large number of ribbons is to create a wall rack. You can hang the metal divider panels that come with medium or large wire crates from nails or screws, while the wire grid is perfectly spaced for attaching ribbons. If you don’t have any crate panels, you can find PVC lattice sheets, which you can mount easily, at most hardware stores.

If you’re looking for something special, many wood and metal artists make custom wall racks for displaying ribbons. These can be customized with a silhouette of your dog’s breed as well as their name.

Dog ribbon display
Lexie Lanier

Cork Board

Hang ribbons from a standard cork board using pushpins. Cork boards make it easy to switch up or rearrange your dog’s ribbons as you earn more. There are standard rectangle cork boards, smaller tiles that can be adhered to walls, or thin strips to which ribbons can be tacked (the ribbons will cover the the cork board, creating a clean and finished look).

Shadow Box

Want to keep important ribbons safe? Try a shadow box frame. Shadow boxes are picture frames with deep interiors, to which you can add photos, small trophies, or other memorabilia. You can even use some of your dog’s flat ribbons as the background matting.

Shadow boxes can be affordably purchased at most craft stores. Wanting something extra special? You can also hire professional framers to make a custom shadow box that perfectly fits mementos.

ribbon display
Paul Klinefelter

Custom Ribbon Quilts

If you want to do something a little bit different with your ribbons, piece them together into a large patchwork quilt, which you can then display in your home or training area. This is a beautiful way to commemorate all that you and your dog have achieved and to create a family heirloom. If you’re not crafty, you can also hire a local artisan to make it for you.

Custom Wall Rosette

Similar to the quilt idea, it’s possible cut and sew dog show ribbons together to create one large patchwork rosette, designed for wall hanging. You can work on this DIY project yourself or collaborate with an independent ribbon maker to create a custom wall display.

Slotted Frames

Slotted frames are designed to have small objects dropped into the frames, featuring a photo in the front. You can easily add ribbons through the slot over time as your dog earns them. Consider a different frame for each dog or sport.

Ribbon Vase

Following the idea of a vase filled with seashells or rocks, you can do the same with dog show ribbons. Put the ribbons in loose or roll them, securing them with small, clear rubber bands before inserting. Though you can’t read the details on the ribbons when they are rolled, this does create a beautiful collage of ribbons.

Ribbon display
Emily Lynn

Ribbon Binder

If you have more memorabilia than you can display, keep flat ribbons organized in a three-ring binder with sheet protectors or photo album pages. You can have different binders, or different sections split by dividers, for each put or sport. These binders also take minimal amounts of space to store.

Downsizing? Donate!

If you find yourself downsizing or you have more ribbons than you can display, there are options for recycling or donating them. Some competitors choose to take ribbons just for the win photograph and then return the items to be reused by the club. You can also contact local 4H clubs in your area; many accept donations of ribbons that they can use as prizes at their events.

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