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In Agility, dogs and their owners alike must be fit in order to run as a bonded pair through obstacles such as weave poles and jumps. These are fast-paced events that may require footwear for different types of terrain. Agility is held in a variety of places, some of the most common — indoor turf, dirt, wet grass, or even mud. Owners may need cleats for traction, running shoes to train, or even webbed shoes for quick movements and changes in direction.

Best Women’s Shoes for Dog Agility

Our Top Pick: Women’s Training Shoe

Salomon Women’s Sense Pro Max


Made in the USA, these mesh synthetic shoes by Salomon are great for any surface. Profeel Film helps absorb quick movements by providing extra support to the foot when needed. With a rubber sole as a foundation, Sensifit keeps the foot snug for a comfortable fit. The company created a Quicklace system that allows for a one-pull adjustment to all laces. The shoe provides additional cushion at the bottom of the foot to move alongside your pup as fast as possible. These shoes are approved on J&J Dog Agility Supply. Customers mention that wearing the shoes feels comparable to slippers and keeps their feet supported. Price: $112.

Women’s Training Shoe with Traction

Inov-8 Women’s Roclite 305 Trail Runner

These rubber-soled running shoes will allow you to train on any unpredictable terrain. The shoe comes in three colors to fit a variety of preferences. Lightweight and flexible, the standard-fit features a wider toe box that will allow the toes to lay naturally. The AdapterWeb Met-Cradle allows users to run swiftly while adapting to swelling of the foot for a comfortable fit. Many reviewers praise the shoes’ ability to adapt to arch support, wider toes, and still be lightweight. Price: $39 – $149.

Women’s Cleats

Under Armour Women’s Glyde RM Softball Shoe


This synthetic shoe offers a rubber sole like the others above, and while the shoe appears heavy, an engineered fiber has a coated forefoot to give the comfortable wear of a sneaker. Additionally, shock absorption and cleat grips at the bottom of the shoe make for successful wear in a variety of terrain. Reviewers mention that this product fits nicely, but may run small. The support of the shoe provides a great fit for turf, dirt, and hard surfaces. Moreover, many state they are impressed with the quality for the price. Price: $48 – $65.

Women’s Webbed Shoes

Vibram Women’s KSO EVO-W


These shoes feature a padded tongue, a quick-lacing system, and an outer sole designed for all types of terrain. The webbed shoes give the feeling of being barefoot while still providing protection and support. More than 800 reviews highlight positive notes and detailed photos. Customers mention that these shoes are great for weight training and floor exercises. Some warn that it takes a few weeks to get used to the shoe, but the fit is incredibly comfortable Price: $33 – $100.

Best Men’s Shoes for Dog Agility

Our Top Pick: Men’s Training Shoes

Salomon Men’s Speedcross 4


This men’s shoe highlights a redesigned outer sole. The shoe has a new pattern with a number of high-traction lugs for a sustainable grip. Salomon designed the shoe to be water-resistant on the upper part of the shoe, while it remains lightweight for endurance exercise. Made with abrasion-resistance, consumers are able to expand the lifespan of the shoe. The meshed tongue prevents debris and rocks from getting into the sole of the shoe. Price: $130.

Men’s Cleats

Under Armour Men’s Micro G Running Baseball Shoe


This shoe features a rubber sole and gives runners extra support through additional cushioning. A mesh upper provides breathability and while the ankle pad supports your collar for a comfortable fit. Customers rave that the shoes are great on any terrain, but perform best on dirt. One reviewer states that though the shoes appear flimsy upon opening, they are extremely durable. Price: $28 – $97.

Men’s Running Shoes

Vibram Men’s V-Train Five Finger Cross-Trainer


If you’re looking for a shoe that mimics being comfortably barefoot, then this is the one for you. This shoe features a rubber sole made out of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex. Vibram ensures that this shoe offers flexibility with more structure than any shoe they’ve made before. The circular lug pattern around the edge and bottom of the shoe allows for a special grip during lateral movement. With more than 300 reviews, customers rave about this product. Customers mention that they’ve been wearing these shoes for years and state that they are the best of many. Another mentions that these shoes are dog tested against chewers and these shoes have withstood gym, grass, dirt, and hard surfaces with power and durability. Price: $80 – $120.

Men’s Webbed Shoes

Vibram Men’s El-x Cross Training Shoe


These shoes are joining the ranks of the best shoes for Agility. This shoe features a breathable mesh for an experience similar to being barefoot. The trek outer sole has a blade, tread pattern. The company notes that these shoes are a minimalist look, but are comfortable to slip on and off. More than 600 reviews rate the product generally positive. Some customers mention that it’s important to size up when considering a variety of size options. Vibram gives a 90-day warranty for their products, and reviewers note that this is very helpful. Many rave that these shoes are lightweight, breathable, and thin; however, a few do warn to avoid stepping on hard rocks during use. Price: $57 – $90.

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