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The 2022 Flyball Classic CanAm took place from October 7 to October 9 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana. Consisting of three one-day tournaments in the Premier and Multibreed and two championship tournaments featuring the eight fastest Regular teams and four fastest Multibreed teems, hundreds of dogs raced in the relay-style competition.

Each class ran a single elimination bracket-style tournament with the best three out of five runs. A second loser bracket ran, as well. The championship aired on ESPN2 on October 23, and champions were announced for both classes.

People celebrating their Flyball CanAm Classic win
Anthony Caputo

First Place

Run Free

Winning a best three out of five races in the final round, Run Free from Langley, BC, Canada took home the top prize against Skidmarkz Silent But Deadly from Iowa City, Iowa. The team consisted of four dogs and one alternate:

  1. Lear – Border Collie/Whippet mix; Age: 4; Handler: Karl Braun
  2. Beckham – Border Collie/Whippet Mix; Age: 6; Handler: Meagan Ram
  3. Squidgy – All American Dog; Age 6; Handler: Joanne Friya
  4. Legion (Anchor) – Border Collie/Whippet Mix; Age 5; Handler: Lynda Mantler

Final Placings

Regular Premier Class

  1. Run Free
  2. Skidmarkz Silent But Deadly
  3. Celtic Mayhem
  4. Diamonds in the Ruff
  5. Skidmarkz Fire in the Hole
  6. SpringLoaded
  7. Canine Dirt Diggers
  8. Be Crazy

Multibreed Class

  1. SpringLoaded
  2. Fur Fun
  3. Animal Inn
  4. Omaha Speed Racers
Beligan Malinois prepping for Flyball run
Anthony Caputo

Want to Get Started in Flyball?

If seeing Flyball on TV has gotten you excited about participating with your own dog, getting started is easier than you think. The best way is to find a club near you that offers classes. Because Flyball is a team sport, you’re going to want to find a team that works for both you and your dog.

If you’re not ready to go to a class, many clubs host online classes and seminars, and you can try practicing jumps with at-home equipment.

While you’re searching for Flyball clubs in your state, you can also read the NAFA Rulebook to familiarize yourself with the sport.

Don’t think Flyball is for you? Don’t worry! There are many dog sports that are suitable for dogs of all ages and abilities.

The Canine Flyball CanAm Classic is coming to your TVs! The nation’s largest Flyball event was held on October 22 in Indianapolis, IN, and premieres on ESPN2 on Sunday, November 5th, at 3pm ET. Don’t miss these speedy dogs in action!