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All American Dog in dock diving.
Mark Baer

The 2022 AKC Diving Dogs Premier Cup, held in collaboration with North American Diving Dogs, took place on April 2 at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida. Top dogs made a big splash competing in Distance and Air Retrieve, with the top three in each receiving prize money.

The competition aired on ESPN2 on May 16, and champions were announced for both Distance and Air Retrieve.

Distance Jumping

Dogs competed for the farthest jump, which is measured from the end of the dock to the base of the dog’s tail when it breaks water.

First Place

Call Name: James

Registered Name: TNT’s Epic Black Tie Affair OA OAJ

Breed: Border Collie

Handler(s): Brenda Kelly and Ela Zalo

From: Flower Mound, TX

Age: 4

Final Jump: 26 feet 9 inches

Second Place

Call Name: Ryder

Registered Name: White’s Wicked Ryder

Breed: All American

Handler(s): Brianna White and Kyle Devauld

From: Colonial Heights, VA

Age: 3

Final Jump: 24 feet 10 inches

Third Place

Call Name: Finn

Registered Name: Sovereign’s Fetching Finnigan “Finn” DE DM

Breed: Brittany

Handler(s): John Van Allen and Leanne Van Allen

From: Hudson, WI

Age: 3

Final Jump: 24 feet 4 inches

Air Retrieve

Dogs competed to knock a bumper of an apparatus, which hangs at the middle of the dock’s width at the farthest distance. The rig moved out in one-foot increments and each dog had two attempts.

First Place

Call Name: Mako

Registered Name: Metloff’s G-Mako CGCA CHCU TKN

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Handler(s): Serena Ghosio and Nick Glance

From: Tampa, FL

Age: 4

Longest Distance: 21 feet

Second Place

Call Name: Cane

Registered Name: BlackFoot’s Storm Warning CD BN RA SH NA MXF MFP FCAT DE DMA AMA HDMA CGC TKI

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Handler(s): Lindsay Hill

From: Oakland Park, FL

Age: 7

Longest Distance: 20 feet

Third Place

Call Name: Reid

Registered Name:Reid CA BCAT AM

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Handler(s): Kayleigh Casey

From: Orange City, FL

Age: 7

Longest Distance: 19 feet

Get Started in Diving Dogs

If you think your water-loving dog would love competing, it’s easier to get involved than you think.

Like many dog sports, all dogs including mixed breeds (6 months and older) are eligible to compete in Diving Dogs (other than females in season.) Titles earned through North America Diving Dogs (NADD) will be recognized by The American Kennel Club. To apply, simply complete the Title Application.

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