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The top Agility dogs in the nation gathered in Tulsa, Oklahoma March 26-28 for the 2021 AKC National Agility Championship. The 1,100+ dogs all competed in hopes of being crowned National Agility Champions.

“After the cancellation of last year’s championship, it was even more exciting to see all the competitors come out this year and show off their honed skills,” said AKC Executive Vice President of Sports and Events Doug Ljungren. “These canine athletes are the best of the best in the sport, and we’re proud to celebrate them and their talented handlers.”

Champions were announced in each of the six height divisions (8″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24” and 24C” respectively).

8″ Agility Champion

Lark the Papillon

Call Name: Lark

Registered Name: MACH4 Aerilee’s Songbird MXC PAD MJC DCAT

Breed: Papillon

Handler: Betsey Lynch

From: Delaware, OH

Age: 4

Time: 39.149 seconds


12″ Agility Champion

Prix the Manchester Terrier

Call Name: Prix

Registered Name: MACH Blue Moon’s Grand Prix Perfect MXB MJS

Breed: Manchester Terrier

Handler: Beth Mathews-Bradshaw

From: Haymarket, VA

Age: 5

Time: 43.648 seconds

2019 AKC Agility Premier Cup, New York

16″ Agility Champion

P!nk the Border Collie

Call Name: P!nk

Registered Name: NAC MACH2 Breezyblue’s Get This Party Started MXG PAD MJS PJD NF (P!nk)

Breed: Border Collie

Handler: Jennifer Crank

From: Columbus, OH

Age: 9

Time: 33.278 seconds

2019 AKC Agility Premier Cup, New York

20″ Agility Champion

Hallelujah the Border Colliie

Call Name: Hallelujah

Registered Name: Pride Creek’s Now We’Re Talking AX MXJ

Breed: Border Collie

Handler: Jessica Ajoux

From: Wyncote, PA

Time: 33.462 seconds


24″ Agility Champion

Kaboom the Border Collie

Call Name: Kaboom

Registered Name: GCH CH MACH5 Shorelands Explosion On The Darkside MXB2 PAD MJB2 XF T2B DJ

Breed: Border Collie

Handler: Amber McCune

From: Bedford, NH

Age: 7

Time: 38.070 seconds

2019 AKC Agility Premier Cup, New York

24C” Agility Champion

Knack the Border Collie

Call Name: Knack

Registered Name: Hob Nob Knack For Knowing MX MXB MXJ NF

Breed: Border Collie 

Handler: Soshana Dos

From: Durham, CT

Age: 6

Time: 36.369 seconds


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Get Started in Agility

Any breed — including mixed breeds — can participate in Agility. The first step is making sure your dog is registered. Mixed breeds can register as Canine Partners.

A great first step is working toward your ACT title. The Agility Course Test (ACT) is an entry-level agility event designed to introduce and welcome beginning dogs and their handlers to the AKC sport of agility. Any dog 15 months or older can participate and the title can now be earned virtually. 

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