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If you’re stuck on what to name your dog, you may want to check out this year’s list of top dog names from The list was created using information from the online dog-boarding service’s database. Many of the names align with the list of popular dog names AKC compiled earlier this year from the information of dogs who have participated in AKC events and sports.

Top Male Dog Names:

  • 10. Tucker
  • 9. Bear
  • 8. Duke
  • 7. Toby
  • 6. Rocky
  • 5. Jack
  • 4. Cooper
  • 3. Buddy
  • 2. Charlie
  • 1. Max

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Top Female Dog Names:

  • 10. Bailey
  • 9. Chloe
  • 8. Sophie
  • 7. Maggie
  • 6. Sadie
  • 5. Lola
  • 4. Molly
  • 3. Daisy
  • 2. Lucy
  • 1. Bella

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The company also found several interesting trends this year when analyzing the data. For instance, the percentage of people giving their pets “human” names (as opposed to names associated with dogs, like Fido) more than doubled from 21 percent in 2014 to 49 percent this year.

Popular dog names also seem to have a close correlation with what’s trending in pop-culture. Names taken from “The Hunger Games series (Effie, Prim, Katniss, and Cinna), the “Harry Potter series (Luna, Harry, Dobby), and the “Star Wars series (Chewbacca/Chewie, Luke, Leia) rose from 5­ to 19 percent this year. But the leading pop-culture-themed names of 2015 were Bella (from “Twilight) and Maggie (from “The Walking Dead).

Food is another popular inspiration. According to, 6 percent of all dog names on the list were food- or drink-related, including Ginger, Pepper, Guinness, and Brandy.

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