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The AKC will now offer two new entry-level agility classes. These classes, Agility Course Test (ACT) 1 & 2 will allow beginners an easier entry into the sport.

The classes will have shorter courses with basic obstacles specifically designed for beginners. ACT 1 & 2 will serve as the graduation exercise for training classes and can be held at regular AKC agility trials or as stand-alone events.

The ACT classes are open to all dogs 15 months and older.

“This innovative program provides a bridge for new exhibitors to easily become involved with AKC agility,” said Doug Ljungren, V.P. for Sports and Events. “The foundation skills learned prepare a dog/owner for future success in agility and many other sports. We are excited about working together with the AKC training clubs and training facilities to introduce future generations of dogs and owners to the wonderful world of AKC sports.”

See Zeus the Mastiff prove that anyone can do agility in the video below:

Agility is a fun sport for both dogs and their owners. To learn more about AKC Agility, click here.



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