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Westminster Meet & Compete Samoyed
AKC Meet the Breeds is a great opportunity for the public to meet and interact with hundreds of different dog breeds. This Sammy is all smiles as he meets an attendee.
Westminster Meet & Compete Schipperke
Thinking about getting a dog, like this Schipperke, perhaps? Before you make your decision, meet with club members at Meet the Breeds to find out if the breed is right for you.
Westminster Meet & Compete Clumber Spaniel
Even if you’re not looking for a dog, Meet the Breeds is the best place for any and all dog lovers. You might come across a rare breed, like an Otterhound, or a goofy one, like this Clumber Spaniel.
Westminster Meet & Compete Bedlington Terrier
Some breeds are a little shy, but not this Bedlington Terrier. He cuddles up with his owner and is not shy about having his photo taken at last year’s event.
Westminster Meet & Complete K9
Love to interact with a hardworking K-9? At AKC Meet the Breeds, you might come across a dog who is police K-9, search and rescue dog, or therapy dog!
Westminster Meet & Compete Cat
The cats are back! The International Cat Association joins the fun again this year. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet more than 40 different cat breeds.
Wesminster Meet & Compete Agility
And don’t forget about the “compete” element of Meet & Compete. Dogs and their handlers from all over the country will be competing in agility on Feb. 10. Be prepared to witness incredible dog/handler teamwork!
Westminster Meet & Compete Agility
Not familiar with agility? Don’t worry, you’ll learn quickly! During agility competition, a handler directs their dog through a predetermined pattern of obstacles, including jumps, tunnels, and weave poles, while racing against the clock. It’s a sight to see.

Meet & Compete, presented by Purina® Pro Plan® is almost upon us!

Meet & Compete returns to Piers 92 and 94 in NYC on Saturday, Feb. 10. In anticipation for this canine extravaganza, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite moments from 2017’s event.

Check out these highlights and make sure to tune into the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show presented by Purina® Pro Plan® on Monday, Feb. 12 & Tuesday, Feb. 13!

Get tickets for Meet & Compete here.

Sponsored by Purina® Pro Plan®.