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The world of all things dog is now on television. Dog lovers across America are enjoying a new television channel called FidoTV. FidoTV’s programming covers AKC breeds and events as well as other family programming dedicated solely to all things dog, all day.

But millions of dog lovers still don’t have access to FidoTV. And we need your help with encouraging television providers to bring FidoTV into our homes. Please take a few minutes and click on the link to the TV providers who we need your help in convincing FidoTV is a great channel to add to their programming mix. The channel is FREE and is an enormous step forward for AKC events and our world of dog lovers.

Contact your television provider by clicking the hashtag and help #BringFidoTVHome

The AKC is excited about our announcement that FidoTV will be broadcasting LIVE the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Dog Show’s evening events on December 12 and 13! Now dog lovers can watch the AENC LIVE from the comfort of their homes in real time.

Want to see more of what FidoTV has to offer? Check out everything at