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Indiana Student Picture

The key to a happy dog starts with being a good owner. Members of Southpaws 4-H Dog Club in Jefferson County, Indiana taught approximately 400 third graders about Responsible Dog Ownership on Sept. 23 during the FFA/4-H/Farm Bureau Agriculture Day. The children learned about the Southpaws Dog Club, responsible dog ownership, basic care, the club’s 4-H training, and they had obedience and agility demonstrations. The presenters, Larose Nicolas, Catherine Fisher, and Jarod Bladon have been members of the 4-H Dog group for over 8 years and recently competed at the 2016 Indiana State Fair 4-H Dog show. LaRose won State Champion Intermediate B Agility and placed 2nd in 3B Obedience with her Goldendoodle, Aja; Catherine placed 3rd in Senior Showmanship with her Golden Retriever, Crew; and Jarod placed 7th in Intermediate B Agility, 15th in 2B Obedience, and 22nd in Senior Showmanship with his Pug, Cross.