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Golden Retrievers

Have you ever seen a cuter gathering?! The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland celebrated the 150th anniversary of their breed’s founding with a huge celebration that brought together 361 Golden Retrievers and their owners.

Dudley Marjoribanks, known as Lord Tweedmouth, first bred this Scottish dog on his estate in the village of Tomich in the mid-1800s. The hunting grounds had terrain that included fields, marshes, ponds, and rivers. He wanted a dog that could retrieve waterfowl on land and in water, so he crossed a male yellow wavy-coated retriever with a female Tweed Water Spaniel, a breed that is now extinct.

Lord Tweedmouth’s intent was to produce a powerful dog that could swim and handle the rigors of a hunt. He also wanted a breed that was trainable and gentle. He was set on creating the ultimate hunting dog and, in the process, bred what would become one of the most beloved breeds ever. Golden Retriever currently ranks No. 3 on AKC’s list of Most Popular Dog Breeds.

The anniversary celebration was held on Lord Tweedmouth’s original estate, Guisachan. According to the Friends of Guisachan, the festivities included a field trial demonstration, an afternoon tea, and a gala dinner. The week-long event ended with a championship show. Where do we sign up for next year?
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