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The AKC classifies the Bichon Frise’s bark level as “barks when necessary,” but the way things went last night at the 142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Show, there was plenty to bark about. Flynn, the winner for the Non-Sporting Group earned the coveted title of Best in Show at the 2018 competition, which came to a head Tuesday at Madison Square Garden. At his perfectly manicured heels were a Giant Schnauzer by the name of Ty, placing the Reserve Best in Show, and a spunky Pug, eager to please Sussex Spaniel and more. For a complete list of group winners, click here.

Flynn’s registered name is Belle Creek’s All I Care About Is Love; which is particularly apt given the holiday yesterday. Playful, curious and peppy; Flynn displayed all the hallmarks of the breed at Tuesday’s heated competition. Learn more about the Bichon Frise here. Flynn and his winsome handler Bill McFadden expertly played the part of dynamic duo.

Scroll on for photos and gifs of the cherubic best in show winner.



The competition was stiff, but the cloud-like Flynn held his own. Photo: David Woo



Look at this perfect little cumulus canine impress the judge. Photo: David Woo



Part of the Best in Show victor’s duties involve… you guessed it — lots of photo posing.



BOOM. Check out that blue steel. Flynn and McFadden were greeted by a barrage of media immediately following his big win.



One paw in front of the other, this somewhat active breed absolutely smashed it center stage last night.



Here’s Flynn scoping out the competition before setting foot to take the stage.



That’s the stoic gaze of a winning show dog right there, folks. Click here to learn more about Flynn’s big win.



In perfect harmony with one another, Flynn’s handler apparently has the magic touch– he also handled the 2003 Westminster winner Mick, a handsome Kerry Blue Terrier.



This look says it all: it’s pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say. Click here to learn more about the Bichon Frise.



The world is yours now, Flynn.



It’s the year of the dog, y’all! Great with other dogs and children, perhaps this is the year you spring for this bubbly breed? Find Bichon Frise puppies here.



The Non-Sporting Group breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1972, making 2018 its 46th year eligible in the competition. Learn more about the other dogs in the Non-Sporting Group here.



Making eyes with the judge, Flynn charmed his way into many a heart last night in New York City.



Get a load of this winsome duo!


For a bit of animated context, see exhibit A. What form!


Exhibit B!



Congratulations Flynn, you earned it!