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The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) has awarded six new research grants to improve dog health. Four of the grants will study canine epilepsy and two will focus on canine reproductive diseases.

The purpose of these grants is to study and learn as much information as possible about these detrimental conditions and ultimately improve the lives of dogs, breeders, and owners.

“The new grants will have a direct impact on the health and treatment options for dogs with these life-threatening illnesses,” said Dr. Diane Brown, CHF’s chief executive officer. “CHF is proud to continue to build a diverse research portfolio that helps advance veterinary medicine and biomedical science, furthering our understanding of both canine and human health.”

Canine epilepsy is the most common neurological disease diagnosed in dogs. Two of the epilepsy grants awarded by CHF will study genetics, with the aim of trying to develop testing to screen for the disease. The other two grants will focus on drug resistance, in attempt to develop better methods to manage canine epilepsy.

The first reproductive grant will study a bacterial infection of the uterus, seeking to improve treatment options. The second will study Brucellosis, in an attempt to identify risk factors and develop a diagnostic test.

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