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Golden walking along the beach, in the surf

AKC Government Relations recently welcomed the Dog Owners of the Golden State (DOGS) as its fourth recognized federation in California.

GR works with state federations of dog clubs to fight bad dog laws and support positive measures that teach the public about responsible dog ownership and care.  State federations are the ground soldiers for state-level legislative and policy issues.  They and their constituent members have a powerful voice in addressing legislation that will directly impact them.

“With amazing socioeconomic and geographic diversity, California represents a multitude of challenges and opportunities for advocacy leaders in the purebred dog community to make a difference,” said Phil Guidry, AKC GR Sr. Policy Analyst and staff lead for California legislative issues.  “We are happy to recognize the energy and expertise of DOGS; and believe they complement the skills and efforts of their fellow California federations very well.  We continue to look forward to all that our California federations will accomplish.”

The Dog Owners of the Golden State joins The Animal Council, the Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs, and the California Federation of Dog Clubs as AKC-recognized California federations that advocate for the interests of purebred dogs.  All may provide information or assistance on state and local issues in California.