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Mascots need manners, too, even though it may not seem that way given how some of them (looking at you, Cincinnati Bearcat) cut up on the field. But when you are representing an organization dedicated to all things good about dogs, it’s important that you be a model of perfect behavior.

That’s why in 2009, Dr. Mary Burch, AKC’s Canine Good Citizen director, administered the test to the organization’s own Bailey the Beagle during NYC’s Meet the Breeds extravaganza. Bailey trained hard, but passing the 10-step test was no walk in the park by any means.

Like most Beagles, Bailey’s a very outgoing dog, so it was easy for her accept a friendly stranger.

Her sit was brisk and perfectly executed.

As was her down/stay.

Reaction to another dog was difficult for her, because she’s so darn friendly she really wanted to say hello.

But she controlled her enthusiasm and passed. So exciting! Then she got to celebrate with friends.

(Photos by Mary Bloom for akc)

Take a look at this perfect Canine Good Citizen test!
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