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The American Kennel Club is pleased to announce a title designed to celebrate the lifetime achievement of dogs that excel across all AKC agility classes – the Agility Grand Champion (AGCH).

To earn the AGCH title, the following number of qualifying scores must be earned:

  •  Master Standard & Master Jumper with Weaves – 100 qualifying scores from each class
  •  Master Fast – 75 qualifying scores
  •  Time 2 Beat – 75 qualifying scores
  •  Premier Standard and Premier JWW – 50 qualifying scores from each class

Qualifying scores will be grandfathered and may be earned from either the Regular or Preferred classes or a combination of these classes.

“This truly is a lifetime achievement award,” says Carrie DeYoung, AKC Director of Agility.  “We are looking forward to recognizing each of the teams who have demonstrated this relationship and depth of skill over their agility career.”

The new title becomes effective in July.  In addition to a title certificate, a plaque will be awarded to each AGCH recipient.  Stay tuned for news of the first dogs to achieve this level of excellence.
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