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Technology plays a part in almost everything we do today, from communication to shopping, even our health and fitness. So it’s no surprise that technology has found its way into pet care. Smartphones, smart watches, smart homes . . . why not smart dog feeders, trackers, toys, and more? People spend an estimated $14.93 billion on dog supplies, which include “pet tech.” So what kind of technology is out there?

GPS Trackers

Knowing where your dog is can bring great peace of mind for dog owners. GPS tracking collars for dogs can monitor where your dog is, which can be handy if you have a large yard, or if they go missing. GPS tracking tags for dog collars also exist, serving the same purpose. Some use wifi, others bluetooth, but these GPS trackers can help give you additional reassurance knowing you can locate your dog.

Health Monitoring Devices for Dogs

Other kinds of smart collars for dogs can track different aspects of their health. Dog smart collars, some connecting to apps, can help monitor your dog’s activity. They can help track your dogs health metrics, specifically for things like heart rate and weight. These wearable monitoring devices can help provide insights into your dog’s well-being, as well as helping detect early signs of potential health issues.

Automated Food and Water

Automated Dog Feeders

Dogs thrive off of having a schedule. If you’re typically feeding your dog dry food, consider getting an automatic food dispenser. You can change these to go off at set times each day, and multiple times a day if needed. Many are also backed up by battery, so if there’s a power outage, your dog will still get their dinner. If you’re not able to get home for their regular feeding time, it’s also convenient to use an automatic dog feeder, since you don’t have to worry about having someone come and feed your dog.

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Dog Water Fountains

It’s important for dogs to stay hydrated, but not all dogs are drawn to their bowls of water. One way to get dogs to drink more water is using a dog water fountain. These fountains often feature movement of the water, so dogs might be keen on checking them out. These water fountains also hold more water, so they need to be refilled less frequently than regular water bowls.

Smart Toys

What dog doesn’t love a good toy! Some of the newest toys for dogs are powered by technology. They can keep your dog occupied even without you being there. Some tech dog toys mimic prey and activate your dog’s natural instincts. Others use tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to track your dog’s movement, and move to stimulate play in ways that’ll keep your dog entertained for hours.

Remote Monitoring

When you’re not around but still want to see what your dog is up to, pet cameras are there to help! These pet cameras allow you to remotely monitor your dog. Some systems set the pet cameras up in various rooms, so you can see what your dog is up to from many different angles. There are also pet cameras with treat dispensers or voice commands, so you can talk to your dog and give them treats even when you’re not there.

Telemedicine From the Vet

Now, you don’t need to physically go to the vet to see the vet. Similar to human telehealth visits on video calls or over the phone, your dog can have their health appointments this way with the vet. Talk to your veterinarian to see if they offer any telemedicine options.

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Training and Education

If you want to learn something new with your dog, you may already have the tools you need at your disposal. From introductions to dog sports, to learning new tricks, and anything in between, the internet is a fantastic place to find new information. The AKC Canine College is a great place to start to get information on training, being a responsible dog owner and more – and it’s free!

Advances in Canine Health

Just like human medicine is always advancing, canine health is improving every year. Studies on dog medication, genetics, and more, are constantly underway. The AKC Canine Health Foundation is a great place to start to learn more about medical advances in the dog world. These canine health advances can help keep your dog healthier, and even live longer over time.