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Cuddling up with a dog is nothing new; think of the phrase “three dog night,” which describes a night so cold that one needs to sleep with three dogs to keep warm. Cuddling with another human, a dog, or both, not only keeps us warm, it releases oxytocin, also known as the “trust hormone” and the “cuddle chemical.”

Studies, including a recent one at Tokyo University, have demonstrated that oxytocin increases bonding and positive social behaviors. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), “human-dog interactions elicit the same type of oxytocin positive feedback loop as seen between mothers and their infants.”

For the perfect snuggle with your pup, here are a few products that are custom-made for snuggling.

7 Cuddly Items For Cozy, Indoor Fun With Your Dog

Breed-Specific Embroidered Blanket

One side is fleece and the other is Sherpa; what could be cozier? The blanket has a breed-specific embroidered image and, at a generous 50” by 60”, it’s big enough for both you and your canine best friend to snuggle up in. $59.99

Allisandro Fluffy Pet Blanket

Yes, it’s made for dogs, but it’s so soft and fluffy you might ask your pet to share. And when you’re not there to snuggle, your dog will still be comfortable and warm with this hypoallergenic, machine-washable blanket. One verified buyers says, “This blanket is super soft and cozy warm. The fabric is so luxurious that I would use it myself.” It’s offered in five sizes and three colors. $12.99-$31.99 

Dog-Themed Pajamas

Nuts About Dogs - Pajama Set

Get ready to settle in for a snuggle in cozy pajamas from Teddy the Dog™. They’re made of 100% combed cotton and are decorated with witty breed-specific and dog-themed illustrations. $44.00-$46.00

Pajamagram Chill Out Pajamas

Pajamas for the whole family, including the dog!  Adult styles have 100% cotton flannel bottoms and cotton blend thermal tops. The kids’ styles are flame-resistant polyester flannel. The doggy version has snap closures to make them easy to put on and off. One grandmother bought them for the whole family and says, “I got matching PJs for all the adults and three dogs. It was a huge hit, and the kids wanted to wear them all day long every day!” $14.99-59.99

Smiling Paws Pets Self Warming Pet Bed

We can’t always here there for a doggy cuddle, but this self-warming bed is a good substitute. It’s made of fleece sherpa and organic cotton, with bolsters for your dog to snuggle up against, and a non-skid bottom. One customer warns that the bed may ruin your cuddle plans since the dog may prefer it to your lap. Another says, “… The best review is two very happy, contented Yorkshire Terriers.” $39.95

Multipet Plush Dog Toy

Lambchop won’t actually produce oxytocin, but this snuggly toy, based on Shari Lewis’s famous puppet, is a top-notch cuddler for your dog. It has five squeakers to enhance playtime, too. Many customers note that their dogs tend to disembowel Lambchop, but, with such a reasonable price point, they purchase this toy over and over again. One verified buyer says it best, “This is my dog’s favorite toy. She plays with it, sleeps with it…carries it to bed with her each night, and covers it up in her blanket.” $4.62

Ridley’s Dog Canine Lovers 1000 Piece Activity Jigsaw Puzzle

The perfect addition to a day full of indoor cuddling, snuggle up with your dog and a jigsaw puzzle. This fun puzzle features 54 dog illustrations and characteristics of each breed, plus a poster guide is included for reference. Perfect for adults, children, or the entire family, this game is sure to put human boredom to rest and keep you entertained indoors. Price: $20

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