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Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is a time to celebrate dogs that we’ve loved and unfortunately have lost. Our readers decided to share their own personal stories about pups that are no longer with us, and we were touched by the outpouring of love and devotion everyone had for their dogs. Here are just a handful of memories that warmed our hearts.


  1. “My 1st dog to get a CGC. She went to the Rainbow Bridge 8/8/2008. I continue to have many Obedience dogs, but there still is only one Linwood Carol’s Proud Spot Peggy CGC. She is always in my ❤️.” – Kay Datesman


  2. “8/25/16 Our sweet boy Jonas, he was a gentle soul wrapped in a 155 lb furry body, with a sweet kissable face. He used to greet me at the top of carport every morning and evening for a pet and a treat. Miss you pup.” – Julia Fennell


  3. “Lost them both weeks a part one to old age and the other to cluster of terrifying seizures. Sade the GSD we miss you so dearly can’t believe you have left us.. Lil sweet Nina, we miss your snuggles, such a sweet girl. Honored to have loved you will never forget either of you. Life will never be the same. My girls.” – Lisa Reed


  4. “My sweet Monroe, pictured below, 6-14-1995 to 5-13-2005. He developed Hemangiosarcoma one month shy of age 10. A gentle, super sweet, boy he was. My current Golden, Breeze, sweet and pushy, confident as he is, has survived renal cancer for three years and is doing great on a holistic regime at 12.5 years old. So thankful to have him with me, still.” – Susan Haworth


  5. “My beautiful boy Cholmondeley aka Chum…I could never have made it thru my Husband’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent passing 8 years ago without my souldog. Sadly had to say goodbye to him a year ago on the 15th. I miss them both every single day.” – CL Clark


  6. “My husband made a large LEGO portrait of my dog, Woody. He’s been gone for 9 years. I will always be thankful for him. I miss him so much.” – Lourie Campos Coallier


  7. “My first cocker, was with me for 16.5 years and introduced me to AKC Agility and all the friends I’ve made through dog sports. Passed in April 2014.” – Mariane Radtke


  8. “My best buddy Metro. Passed August 10th 2013 miss him everyday. He was my family and protector.” – Renee Novak


  9. “Miss my girl, best partner ever!” – Laurel Huff


  10. “CH Linderhof’s Might as Well Jump, “Sexy Sadie” heart dog always.” – Chris Schultz


  11. “I just lost this wonderful boy at age 13. He crossed the rainbow bridge two months ago. It’s super hard not being able to see him. I have is ashes and pawprint. I miss him tons. ” – Breanna Towner

Thank you to everyone who shared their heartwarming stories with us on Facebook.

“Dogs’ lives are too short, Their only fault, really.” –Agnes Sligh Turnbull