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Newfoundlands are one of AKC’s largest breeds. And just as a giant tree grows from a tiny seedling, the large, heavy-coated Newfie begins as a small, teddy bear-like puppy.

Newfie enthusiasts warn that the transformation from cute little “teddy bear” to mammoth dog is rapid, so new owners of these big sweeties are encouraged to savor every minute spent with these outgoing, ever-curious pups.

Speaking of curious, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite videos showing Newfie puppies fearlessly exploring new objects in their big new world. Take a look!

1. The ‘Nanner

The “‘nanner,” aka banana, in this video sure has got this Newfie’s attention. You might even say this puppy is “going bananas” for this ‘nanner? But that might be taking it too far. In any case, enjoy.

2. Tubby Time

Oh. My. Goodness. The whimpers emerging from the puppy in this video are to die for. Seriously, to die. We could cry, she’s so cute. Watch the video all the way through to see bath time come full circle. Worth it. Good girl, Notta!

3. Cabbage . . . Kitchen?

No, we didn’t say patch. There is cabbage on the floor of this kitchen, and Honu the Newfie is hot on the trail . . . apparently “attacking” it. Can you blame him? We didn’t like most veggies when we were his age either. Would we have attacked cabbage if we had the chance? Probably. The takeaway here: cabbage is an acquired taste. Thank you, Honu, for the important life lesson.

4. Tellin’ It Who’s Boss

Who is the boss of this purple ball? Can someone please get a supervisor in here? For the purple ball? It’s getting out of line. OK, phew, Otto the Newfie to the rescue. Watch Otto show the purple ball that he’s the boss.

5. Newfie vs. Snowstorm

Otto’s at it again. This time fearlessly plowing through the snow like a champ. Guess what pup we’d want to be stranded in a snowstorm with? Uh, Otto. Every time.

6. The Kiddie Pool Is Full

A post shared by Winnie (@winniethenewfie) on

No matter the season, it’s important to conserve water. We can all take an environmental lesson from Winnie the Newfie, when she decided that the kiddie pool is full enough for her personal needs. Know what looks a little dehydrated? The lawn. Good girl, Winnie, and great call! No dry lawn here. Our hero!

Want to see another pupper splashing around in a kiddie pool? Check it out here.

And the Newfie celebration doesn’t end here. Did you know there are Newfie-specific T-shirts, baseball caps, totes, blankets, and more in the AKC Shop? Let the Newfie times roll!