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Tilt to the left. Tilt to the right. Swivel back through center to the left. Classic German Shepherd Dog head tilt that everyone GSD-lover knows so well. Not all of these gifts exemplify the head tilt of the GSD, but they all strike the right chord with any German Shepherd owner.


1. Coffee Mug

GSD mug

Every German Shepherd owner knows that we don’t start our day with a cup of coffee, rather a nice brisk walk. Back at the house after a walk, a strong cup of coffee in our GSD mug is the second best way to start the day.


2. Phone Case

GSD phone case

This phone case shows your love for the German Shepherd Dog with a simple silhouette.


3. Salt And Pepper Shaker

Your dog tries so hard to ‘help’ you with the cooking, this salt-and-pepper holder might be the only way he can truly help out in the kitchen.


4. Shepherd-opoly

Hours of entertainment are already provided when you start a game of Monopoly, but now there’s a Shepherd twist on an old favorite.


5. T-Shirt

German Shepherds are most well-known for their police work, this shirt pays homage to the noble work this breed does.


6. Wall Art

GSD art

The classic German Shepherd head-tilt is captured perfectly in this silhouette wall art.


7. Shirt

GSD shirt

Sometimes it’s best to wear your heart on your…umm….shirt.


8. Mouse pad

The best part about this mouse pad is the classic soft, warm, brown eyes of a German Shepherd that loves you.


9. Socks

For the many walks that German Shepherd owners will do in the rain, cold, and snow, an extra pair of socks will never go to waste. Especially with pictures of German Shepherds on them.


10. Charm Bracelet

GSD bracelet

The angel charm bracelet complete with the initial of the beloved pet, is a beautiful way to honor a loved friend.


11. Wall Art

GSD wall art

All the best qualities of the GSD are on display on the this wall poster, with ‘fearless’ prominently in the center.


12. Cake Topper

GSD cake topper

You don’t just marry the person, you marry their dog. This wedding cake topper is the perfect picture of domestic bliss; the happy couple being watched over by the German Shepherd.


13. Christmas Cards

GSD Christmas card

Whether it’s time to hand out Christmas cards or not, picking up a pack of handmade German Shepherd holiday cards is always a good idea.


14. Silly Magnets

GSD magnets

For as serious as the German Shepherd breed can be about, just about everything, those who own a GSD know that there is a secret silly side to the breed. These magnets showcase the silly side of the GSD.


15. German Shepherd Mask

There’s no real reason to have a mask of a GSD, but there is also no reason to NOT have a mask of the German Shepherd.


16. Toaster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it a little more fun with this German Shepherd toaster and start your day with a little GSD toast.


17. Sign

The best way to scare off would-be intruders is to have a sign showing your dogs many strengths, one of which is beating people in a foot race.


18. Bowl Stand

GSD bowl stand

It’s simple, elegant, and useful, much like the breed in the silhouette.
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