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Are you looking for a dog that’s sedate, dignified, predictable, easily trained, and no trouble at all? Then do not get a Miniature Bull Terrier. Combine terrier fearlessness and feistiness with the mischievous antics of a clown, and you’ve got a dog that can frustrate an unprepared owner, but is a delight for those in the know. So, are you the right person for this special breed?

1. Is your standard of attractiveness “tall, dark, and handsome?” Then you might not appreciate this small, but sturdy little dog. He looks like no other small breed, with his square, muscular body and large egg-shaped head.

2. How do you feel about mischievous toddlers? If you find them enormously amusing, you’ll love the Miniature Bull Terrier. In fact, he’s been described as a “three-year-old in a clown suit.” Full of life and famous for his clownish antics, he’s an adorable, smart comic.

mini bull body 1
Photo courtesy of Kathleen Coffman, AKC Breeder of Merit

3. Do you want a Velcro dog that eagerly awaits your every command? Find another breed. The Mini is extremely clever and quite the independent thinker. He’s bold and confident, sometimes to the extreme. The terrier and bull breeds from which the Mini descended were bred to be self-directed and tenacious, and you may never get the absolute predictability and reliability that other breeds are known for.

4. Are you a sucker for cuteness and adorable antics? If so, the Miniature Bull Terrier may end up getting away with indiscretions you wouldn’t tolerate in other breeds. He needs patient, consistent training, with tangible rewards such as treats, games, and toys. Socialization with people and other animals should start early and continue throughout his life.

mini bull body 2

5. Do you want a dog you can do fun stuff with? The Mini is your guy! Dog sports such as rally, agility, and Earthdog are terrific outlets for all that joie de vivre, energy, and intelligence.

6. Is your ideal dog clever and comical, with typical terrier boldness and fire? If so, the Miniature Bull Terrier is your perfect match!

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