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Goldens. These dogs can easily become the golden member of any family. They can steal our hearts along with our shoes and we love them so much, we don’t even mind. Golden Retrievers are described as being intelligent, friendly, and devoted companions who will leave a real imprint on your life.

If you are considering bringing home a Golden Retriever, take a look at the breeds’ specific needs and characteristics to ensure it is the right dog for your lifestyle. Adding a pet to your life is a big commitment, so it’s best to make the most informed choice possible.

Once you are ready to bring your Golden home, you’ll need a name that embodies its lovable, smart, and loyal nature. Check out a few Golden Retriever names here:


Happy and bright, Abby (which is short for Abigail) means “cause of joy” in Hebrew. A Golden’s wagging tail is sure to spark joy day-in and day-out.


Golden Retrievers are big water lovers which is why a name like Banks can make for a great name choice. Banks as a name is of English origin and means, “edge of the river”.


Get ready for bear hug after bear hug with this lovable breed. A true teddy bear in nature, Bear as a Golden Retriever name is simply fitting.


Another name inspired by the breed’s love for swimming, Brooke has Old English ties and means “water or small stream”. Brooks is another nice variation of the name and has a similar meaning of “dweller by the brook”.

Golden Retriever puppy walking in the grass.


Dakota is of Native American origin and means “friendly one”, which makes it another great moniker for the breed, as Golden Retrievers are known for their amicable nature.


During the Victorian Era, Dudley Marjoribanks, the first Lord Tweedmouth, developed the Golden Retriever breed in the Scottish Highlands.


Albert Einstein is one of the most infamous problem solvers of all time. This purpose-bred dog is known for its smarts, which is why we like the idea of a Golden named Einstein, or even Albert.


A Golden retriever name that couldn’t be any more on the nose.


Another moniker that embodies the breed’s sweet nature and golden locks. Honey is a nice food-inspired pet name for a Golden.


Jocelyn or Joy for short simply means, “happy”. And that’s exactly what you will be with a Golden by your side.


The yellow flower can make for another lovely nod to the breed’s lustrous golden coat. The name is of English origin and means, “golden flower”.

andresr/E+ via Getty Images


A name fit for a Lioness or a Golden Retriever, the moniker is thought to have been derived from the name Nahla which is of Arabic origin and means “water in the desert”.


One of the most notable Golden Retriever characters ever played has to be Shadow from Homeward Bound. This makes the moniker a great nostalgia-filled option for your best friend in the making.


Like a ray of sunshine, a Golden’s happy face can warm up any day.


Golden retrievers give off major winner vibes. So what better name could there be for the new starting member of your family than Varsity?


Short for the English name Winifred which means, “Gentle friend”, Winnie could also represent a childhood classic character Winnie the Pooh. If you have multiple Golden Retrievers, the names Winnie, Honey, and Bear could make for a nice complementary set.

Naming your pet is only the first of many fun times you’ll have together. We hope you enjoy the journey and come back to learn more about caring for and training your new pet.

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