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Chihuahua with presents

The best things come in small packages, as anyone with a small dog can tell you. Whether your dog is a little whirlwind like the Brussels Griffon, feisty like the Miniature Schnauzer, or as gentle as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he deserves toys, treats, and gear made just for his diminutive size.

Little Cuddler Gift Pack


Give your little guy four gifts in one, including his own fleece blanket and pillow, a plush squeak toy, and, of course, his very own all-natural Christmas cookie. Just add your lap, and it’s everything he could want for snuggling up on long winter nights.

Plaid Bouclé Dog Coat


This classic plaid wool-blend jacket comes in sizes for even the smallest dog, so yours can brave the elements dressed in style. It features an adjustable snap closure and a pocket: form and fashion in one small package!

Casual Padded Harness


The comfortable padding and ergonomic design of this harness allow you to control even the most delicate dog without putting pressure on his back and neck. If your little canine pal is a puller or zigzagger, with this harness, you’ll both enjoy walks more.

Free Hand Leash


Think of this innovative leash more as a gift for yourself. Instead of the usual handle, it has a padded grip that fits around your hand, so you’re almost hands-free. And the leash has flexibility to absorb sudden pulls, which is more comfortable for you and your dog. Maybe the real gift is longer, more enjoyable walks for both of you.

Treat Lover’s Pack for Small Dogs


Three different shapes, textures, and levels of difficulty in one gift. Your little treasure hunter will be entertained for hours as he figures out how to get the tasty treats out of these soft rubber toys. And they’re sized just right for small dogs.

Burlap Clam Dog Bed


Even short legs can handle the low opening on this plush dog bed. The bolster walls are perfect for nestling, a non-skid bottom keeps the bed in place, and, best of all, it’s machine washable.

Atom Dog Carrier


If you’re planning to travel with your dog during the holidays, this carrier is the safest way to go. It’s been crash-tested for safety, and it fits securely under most airline seats. As a bonus, it’s so stylish and comes in so many colors that you’ll want to take him everywhere you go. And you know he’ll love that.