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Golden Retriever playing in front of a Christmas tree during the holidays

He takes up all the room on the sofa, can knock you over with a hug, and eats more than the average teenager. And he also owns a huge part of your heart. So this holiday, give him toys, gear, and treats meant just for your super-sized canine BFF.

Active Buddy Holiday Pack


Whether it’s playtime or downtime, this collection for big dogs has it all. It contains “snowball” tennis balls he can chase in the yard and his own personalized fleece blanket and Santa plush toy to snuggle with. Best of all, he gets his own all-natural Christmas cookie.

Ball Lover’s Gift Pack


Ditch the ratty old tennis ball and give your canine pal a gift pack of balls that bounce, squeak, and even float. For chewing, tug-of-war, and chasing, these toys will keep him busy all winter long.

Overstuffed Luxury Dog Sofa


If you have a dog so large he takes up the whole sofa, now is the perfect time to give him his own luxury lounger. It’s stuffed with high-loft fill and has a washable micro-suede cover. The largest size is a whopping 36 inches x 54 inches, so your big buddy can really stretch out.

Crash-Tested Safety Harness


If you’re traveling with your dog this season, the best gift you can give him is safety. This harness has been rigorously tested and will keep your dog in place, even during a collision or sudden stop. It’s easy to connect and detach and can even be used as a walking harness. You canine pal deserves the very best.

Insect Shield Cargo Cover


This may not seem like an obvious gift for the dog, but yours will really love that it protects him from harmful insects. The fabric repels ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects, so he’ll ride bug-free. And, as a bonus, your car stays cleaner, too.

Summit Dog Parka


Don’t let cold weather stop you and your dog from favorite outdoor excursions. Thermal insulation keeps him warm, even in extreme weather, without restricting his movement. It’s sized for even the largest dogs, so you two can enjoy winter sports and outings when the weather is frightful.

Waterless Foaming Dog Shampoo


Winter can really dry out your dog’s skin, and baths compound that. That’s why this waterless, no-rinse shampoo should be this season’s go-to. It’s made from organic oils and extracts and is safe for all dogs, even puppies. Work it in, brush it out, and you’ve got a holiday-ready dog.