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Beagle trying to bite a Christmas present during the holidays

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean your canine dynamo slows down. Give him toys worthy of his energy, gear for outdoor adventures, and make his holiday dreams come true.

Active Buddy Pack


This holiday pack contains “snowball” tennis balls for endless games of fetch and his own personalized fleece blanket for downtime. Top it off with a plush toy and his own special Christmas cookie.

Ball Lover’s Pack


Cold weather won’t slow your energetic dog down, so give him the gift of play. He’ll love the variety ‚Äî balls that squeak, bounce, float, and even one for a rousing game of tug.

Water Lover’s Pack


If you live in warmer climes or have a hearty, all-weather water dog, he’ll love these three toys. They squeak, they float, and they’ll keep him busy for hours of watery fun.

Hi-Viz Active Harness


You may need more than a collar or standard harness for an energetic dog on the go. This harness has comfortable padding and features a handle on the back for extra control. The high-visibility material will keep you both safe, and it stands out in the dark for nightly winter walks.

Hi-Viz Rope Leash


With the same type of reflector and hi-viz dye used in safety gear for humans, this rope leash adds a layer of protection for nighttime walks. The round rope is sturdy enough, even for active, strong dogs, and the padded handle is easy on your hands.

Ultimate Warmer Dog Jacket


For the active dog, training, work, and outdoor adventures don’t stop just because it’s cold outside. Dress your dog in a jacket with thermal insulation and breathable lining that protect his muscles, chest, neck, and belly. It doesn’t impede his movement either, so he’ll be ready for anything, no matter how low the temperature goes.

Eversweet Travel Water Purifier


This is more than just a water bottle: a charcoal filter removes impurities, and the material of the bottle inhibits bacteria. It has a clever trough that makes it easy for you to handle and for your dog to drink. If you travel, hike, camp, or trek with your dog, this is must-have gear.