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With their big ol’ floppy ears and their signature head tilts, German Shepherd Dog puppies are some of the cutest specimens to walk the earth.

These epically cute, watchful pups grow up to be the super-intelligent, brave, and loyal working dogs they were bred to be.

German Shepherd Dogs are choice working partners and serve in many capacities, including as search-and-rescue workers, guide dogs, police and military service dogs, and more.

But before they grow up into confident, courageous adult dogs that bring their owners years of companionship and great pride, let us savor and commemorate some of the fluffy, rascal-laden moments that make up German Shepherd puppyhood.

1. Be prepared to experience sheer joy witnessing this GSD pup run down the driveway to meet his siblings’ embrace. Side note: we might have slightly lost our cool over the adorableness of the ear flops. Ten out of ten stars. Warning, you may need to watch repeatedly.

2. GSD owners know about the infamous head tilt. This distinct movement is actually a process called triangulation . . . have you heard of it? Head tilts serve a purpose, helping dogs zero in on a sound — and they’re pretty darn cute to watch.

3. When we said rascals, we meant it! Check out this litter of pups keeping a mother goat in line. Great work, guys!

4. It’s laundry day. Psych! It’s puppy playtime! Honestly, we’d happily trade our dirty socks any day to have a load of GSD pups in our hamper.

5. A soloist puppy begins in this piece and is later backed by a puppy choir. Music to our ears. Want to see another canine with musical chops? This Beagle has got some pipes.

6. Armful of GSD puppies? Where do we sign up? That’s one lucky human.

We hope you enjoyed our brief tribute to German Shepherd puppyhood. Looking for more ways to celebrate the GSD in your life? Check out our GSD-specific products in the AKC Shop. And for the puppy in your life, we have an entire collection, just for the little ones!