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Jeremiah D. Degenhardt

The Cane Corso is known for being protective and having an imposing appearance. But this ancient breed has other traits that may surprise. Taken together, these qualities can make this dog a perfect companion for the right owner. Here are 10 Cane Corso facts to know.

The Breed’s Name Traces Back to Latin

This Italian breed’s name is derived from Latin. “Cane Corso” approximately translates to “bodyguard dog” or “robust dog.” And if you have more than one, you have Cane Corsi or Cane Corsos.

They Are A Large Breed

According to the AKC Cane Corso breed standard, male dogs stand between 25 and 27.5 inches tall, while female dogs stand between 23.5 and 26 inches. Their weight should be in proportion to their height.

They Are As Strong As They Are Big

They have a large head with an imposing expression and a strongly muscled body. The breed is dominant and fiercely protective.

Cane Corso head portrait outdoors.
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This Is An Ancient Breed

Dating back to ancient Greece, Cane Corsi were warrior dogs. When the Romans conquered the Greek islands, the legionnaires brought the dogs back to Italy and bred them with Italian dogs. Over the centuries, the breed became well-rounded farm dogs, guarding property, droving, and hunting game.

They Can Be Loyal and Affectionate

This is not a dog that becomes the best friend of everyone they meet. In fact, they’re often indifferent to other dogs and people not in their family. But they are intensely loyal and protective of their owners.

The Cane Corso Is Sensitive to Their Owners

A Cane Corso will be very attuned to your moods and feelings and may even think they are the cause of your happiness, grief, anger, or pride. Cani Corsi owners describe the relationship as one of subtlety and depth.

Cane Corsi Love Having Work to Do

The Cane Corso thrives on stimulation, both mental and physical, and will shine if given a job, whether working on the farm or “helping” with the children. In fact, the breed excels at dog sports like tracking, agility, and scent work.

458 CH Legion's I Did It My Way CD BN RI. WS61822305. Cane Corso. M. 5/17/2018. Breeder(s): Rebecca Simonski/Anthony Simonski. Arturo - GCHG CH Legion's Ashirah CD BN RN. Owner(s): Rebecca Simonski/Anthony Simonski, 6222 Autumn View Place NE, Acworth GA 30101-7631. Handler: Rebecca Simonski
Photo by Pix 'n Pages ©American Kennel Club

Training Is Key

It’s important to work with your dog in training sessions on a consistent basis. You may want the help of a trainer experienced with the breed, but your Cane Corso must learn to work with and obey you.

A Vocal Breed

You can expect snorts, snuffles, howls, and a “roo-roo” sound somewhere between barking and singing, which Cane Corso owners know very well.

They Are Loyal Companions

Bred to work alongside the family, your Cane Corso will want to spend every minute of their waking hours with you. They thrive on companionship and want to be wherever you are — and as close to you as possible.

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