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Irish Setter
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The Irish Setter has beauty, brains, and brawn. These stunning redheads are showstoppers wherever they go, but there is so much more to them than looks. Irish Setter lovers know the breed as fun-loving and athletic companions, bursting with energy and a good bit of mischief. Here are fun facts to know about this breed.

1. They’re Talented Hunters

Popular since the 18th century for hunting, pointing, and retrieving, the Irish Setter takes to the field with enthusiasm and great skill. They’re a superb bird dog, with a strong hunting instinct and nose.

2. They Were Originally Known as the Irish Red Setter

Irish Setters were originally known as Irish Red Setters in the U.S. The Irish Setter Club of America used this name to distinguish from the ones in Ireland that were red and white.

Irish Setter puppy laying down outdoors.
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3. Their Solid Coloring Dates to the 19th Century

Standard breed colors for the Irish Setter include mahogany, chestnut, and red. The solid-red coloring became popular in Ireland in the 19th century. In fact, one nobleman reportedly refused to have any Irish Setters in his kennel that weren’t all solid red.

4. They’re Athletic Dogs

With their athleticism, energy, and intelligence, Irish Setters can also excel at dog sports like AKC Rally and agility.

5. Irish Setters Are Slow-Maturing

According to the Irish Setter Club of America, the breed is slow to mature, both in mind and body. They keep a puppy-like attitude and physique for some time.

6. They’re Very Outgoing

The AKC breed standard for the Irish Setter describes the breed’s personality as “rollicking.” The Irish Setter is outgoing and most definitely not shy.

Best in Stakes, Sporting Group First, Best of Breed, and PUP912- -B-1: Ashwood She's Like The Wind (Windy), Irish Setter; 2021 AKC/Royal Canin National All-Breed Puppy and Junior Stakes, Orlando, FL.
Kerrin Churchill ©American Kennel Club

7. Multiple Presidents Have Owned Irish Setters

Irish Setters have graced the homes of U.S. presidents past and present. Franklin Delano Roosevelt owned two Irish Setters called Jack and Jill. Richard Nixon owned an Irish Setter called King Timahoe, while Ronald Reagan also owned one on his ranch.

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