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25 dogs doing agility hero

If a picture says a thousands words, then how many words does a GIF entail? We popped in to Argus Ranch, a sprawling 20 acre training facility in Auburn, WA that hosts agility trials and training on a regular basis earlier this year to scope out the stiff competition. Do you and your dog have what it takes to beat the clock? Scroll on for some fast and furious GIFS from a summer agility trial session. If you’re curious about training your own pooch for agility trials and competing (it’s so easy to get hooked!), resources can be viewed here.

Step in step, this dynamic duo is really fueling the competition.

Through the tunnel we go!

Check out this Doberman’s perfect form as he leaps over one of many hurdles in the course.

Here’s a double take.

This dog’s head is most certainly in the game. Weaving through the obstacles is a breeze when you’ve had as much training as this speedy slick.

Easy and breezy, this dog makes his run look a lot easier than it actually is.

Breeds of all types were present at the trial. Check this Golden Retriever landing his jump perfectly.

This black four legged blur was a tough act to follow.

This is how it’s done.

This enthusiastic dog’s navigation of the run is masterful.

Look at that focus and determination!

Nailed it.

Nice pivot! This fast on the draw racer is in it to win it.

Leaping to new heights second by second, this guy won’t let anything get in the way of victory.

This little dog clears the hurdle just by the skin of his teeth.

It’s not just competitive fire, but also a desire to work in unison with their handler that drives dogs to success in the world of agility trials.

No funny business here, this little one came to play not to stay.

Victory is near for this speed demon.


There’s no time for dawdling on these trials– every precious second counts.

This dog hits all the bases like a total pro.

Jump heights are determined based on the competing dog’s height in order to equalize the playing field. For dogs up to 11 inches at the shoulder, this means 8 inches, for dogs over 11 inches and up to 14 inches, this means 12 inches and so on and so forth.

This Weimaraner adeptly maneuvers through the weave poles like a champ.

Up and over, up and over!

Learn more about agility here.