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Dogs young and old can be comical from time to time. From tricks and talents to everything in between, it’s always fun to watch their silly and smart habits captured on camera. Get ready to laugh with some of the funniest dog videos we could find. Note: All credit goes to original video owners.

Say hi to our favorite TV watching Golden Retriever, Norm.

Check out this incredibly talented Border Collie dance to AC/DC with her owner. Her spins and twirls are sure to put a smile on your face!


This dog can’t resist tater tots, but feels guilty as soon as he gets caught!


Watch this dog try to jump on shadows, and see the adorable baby mimic her jumping.


Guilty! Watch these dogs tattle on Maggie, who most likely made a mess.


See these curious Beagles check out an animated toy.


So close! See this Golden Retriever try to catch food in his mouth.


A costumed Doug the Pug stars in this funny clip, along with many others.


See this sweet Husky “talk” back at her owner!


This dog loves to play music….


While this one prefers to listen.


What's your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

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