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National Pet Day

Although most dog lovers view every day as pet day, April 11 marks National Pet Day — a chance to honor the happiness and joy they bring to our lives. Celebrate the occasion with one (or more!) of these gifts your canine companion is sure to love.

Toys & Treats

BFF Dog Gift Pack

Everything your dog loves in one package. It includes a variety of toys, natural treats, and his very own snuggly, personalized fleece blanket.

All Natural Apples, Cranberry, Cinnamon, and Blueberry Dog Biscuits

Yummy treats made from all-natural ingredients, including blueberries and apples. There is no artificial anything! And your dog will love the crunchy texture.

Rocking Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

With a clear dome so your dog can see the goodies inside, this toy will entertain your pup for hours. It has a stable base so it won’t roll under the furniture.

Soft Rubber Dummy Duck Toy

Perfect for sporting dogs and retrievers, this weighted dummy duck is heavy enough to travel long distances, challenging your dog to hunt and retrieve. It’s made of durable natural rubber and is non-toxic.

Puppy Play Pack

Show your puppy some love with this play pack designed just for youngsters. With three different toys in one package, you’ll satisfy your puppy’s need to chew as well as his curiosity and playfulness.

Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

What dog doesn’t get excited over chicken?! These treats are made with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and have the chewy texture dogs love.

Flying Ice Disc Dog Toy

With warmer weather coming, this fetch toy not only offers lots of outdoor fun, it also cools your dog off on hot days. Fill it and freeze it, or stuff it with treats.

Country Critter Faball

Dogs love these adorable little critters. They squeak, they bounce, and they can withstand your dog’s sharp teeth. Your canine companion can gnash to his heart’s content.

Squeaky Toy Lover’s Pack

Your dog won’t be able to get enough of this three-toy pack. They squeak and have different textures for a varied chewing experience. Great for a water-lover, too, because they all float!

Stewart Pro Freeze Dried Beef Liver 

Liver may not be your favorite food, but most dogs crave it. With only one ingredient, USA-raised beef, these treats are safe for dogs on a limited diet or for those who have allergies. You can cut the treats into smaller sizes, too.


Ball Lover’s Pack

The perfect variety for dogs on the go. It includes three different throw toys that bounce, squeak, and float.

3-Ring Rubber Tug Dog Toy

Your pup will love the nubby texture, and you’ll appreciate the soft, rubber grip during rousing games of tug-of-war. The hard rubber will withstand hours of playtime.

Comfort and Care

Overstuffed Luxury Dog Sofa

With a soft micro suede cover, comfy bolsters, and ultra-high loft, this dog bed gives your pup the luxury he deserves. It’s firm enough to offer good support, comes in a variety of colors and sizes, has machine-washable covers, and is pure ‘doggie heaven!’

Padded Collar

Whether you have a hairless dog or one with thick fur, the neoprene padding on this collar won’t chafe your canine companion’s skin or wear against his fur. Plus, it comes in five colors and sizes.

Cooling Vest

Hot summer days can be tough on dogs, but your pup will be cool and comfortable in this vest. Just wet it with cold water, wring it out, and you’re good to go. No freezing required.

Ultimate Outdoor Protection Citronella Shield for Dogs

Your dog may be thinking, “How is spraying me with this stuff a gift?” But he’ll thank you when this insect repellent keeps the bugs away. Made with citronella and other natural ingredients, it repels insects for up to two hours.

Super Orthopedic Lounge Dog Bed

Give your senior dog serious comfort with this supportive orthopedic dog bed. He may even sleep like a puppy again! He’ll love the cozy sherpa cover and you’ll love that it’s machine-washable.

Heating and Cooling Crate Pad

Whether you use it in a crate or on the floor, your dog will appreciate the space-age material, developed by NASA, that manages heat and moisture to keep him comfortable. The pad comes in many different sizes and five colors.

Hypoallergenic Conditioner and Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Make your canine BFF’s bath a breeze with this hypo-allergenic soothing shampoo and conditioner that not only cleans and nourishes his coat and skin, but also prevents tangles and mats. They’re made with all-natural ingredients and are USDA Certified Organic.

Cozy Cave Dog Bed

If your dog loves to nestle and burrow, this dog bed is made for him. The Sherpa cover is comfortable and cozy, and the poly/cedar fill controls odor and critters. It’s also perfect for senior dogs or those with joint pain.
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