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Planning the perfect birthday party for your dog is the perfect way to celebrate your bond and have fun. Making sure you have dog-safe cake and snacks is just as important as having games and pup-themed decorations.

Whether it’s your dog’s first birthday or her sweet 16, we’re outlining everything you need to throw your dog the perfect birthday party that everyone will be barking about for days. Here’s a list of 10 must-have dog birthday supplies.

1. Birthday Cake Mix for Dogs

Dog Birthday Cake Mix



No birthday party — especially a pup birthday party — is complete without a cake. This birthday cake for dogs is wheat-free and completely natural. In addition to a peanut butter cake mix, the pack comes with frosting and candles. The cake mix includes rice flour, cane sugar, and baking powder.

The cake kit has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon with 318 customer reviews. Verified reviews rave about the cute cake, how easy it is to make, and how much their dogs love it. Price: $20

2. Plush Birthday Dog Toy

Multipet Birthday Cake

You shouldn’t show up at a birthday party empty-handed. If you’re looking for an excellent gift, you’ll want to check out this plush birthday cake toy. This birthday cake plush toy is a perfect gift to celebrate a pup’s birthday. This toy plays “Happy Birthday” notes when it’s squeezed.

Customer reviews say the toy is cute and that their dogs loved it. The only complaints users seem to have is with the battery inside, and worrying their dogs would eat it. Price: $5

3. Dog Birthday Hat, Bandana, and Decorations

HIPIPET Dog Birthday Bandana Scarfs with Party Hat and Party Decoration

If you want to throw a picture-ready birthday party, you can’t forget the hats and decorations. Get the best Instagram picture of your pup on their special day with these bandanas, party hats, and party decorations. Along with a sparkly birthday hat, the set comes with a cotton bandana, which keeps your dog clean and comfortable. Once your pup is properly dressed for the occasion, the “Happy Birthday” banner finishes the decor.

The three people who gave reviews on Amazon gave great feedback, saying the pack was worth it, super adorable, and picture-perfect. Price: $17

4. Dog Birthday Cake Treats

Bocce’S Bakery Birthday Cake Biscuits

Even dogs with the most sensitive stomachs can munch down on these birthday cake dog treats. Unlike sugary birthday cakes, these treats are all-natural, wheat-free, and baked in small batches with no chemicals or preservatives.

Verified reviews rave about these treats. Reviewers say the treats are super cute, and even picky eaters and dogs with sensitivities love them. Price: $6

5. Premade Dog Birthday Cake

Lazy Dog Cookie Company Original Pup Pie Treat

If you don’t want to bake a cake, grab some of these Lazy Dog cookie pie treats. The cakes are wheat, corn, and soy-free, so even health-conscious dogs will enjoy them. With cakes in multiple colors, these birthday cookie cakes will fit any theme.

Reviewers say pups love the cookie pie, even dogs with sensitive stomachs. Some customers, however, noted the cakes were smaller than expected, so if you want to feed the whole party, you may need to buy more than one. Price: $10

6. Toys For Your Dog’s Birthday Party

Midlee Happy Birthday Dog Tennis Balls

Celebrate your dog’s birthday with these on-theme pink, “happy birthday” tennis balls. With this pack of 12, your dog and their party guests can play fetch all party long. If you’re making fun goody bags, these would be ideal for all your dog’s friends.

Almost all 75 people who gave feedback on Amazon gave glowing, approving reviews. Most people said their dogs loved the tennis balls, especially smaller dogs because the tennis balls are slightly smaller than regular ones. The only complaint that some users seem to have is that the balls aren’t very durable. Price: $16

7. Dog-Safe Ice Cream

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix for Dogs

You’ve got the birthday cake, now be sure to grab the ice cream. This puppy scoop ice cream is maple bacon flavored and is convenient and healthy. All you have to do is add water and freeze for great tasting ice cream. Its ingredients include lactose-free whole milk, evaporated cane juice, gelatin, natural maple bacon flavor, and salt.

With a 4.6-star rating from more than 380 reviews on Amazon, you can feel safe buying this and giving it to your pup. Reviewers raved about the ice cream, saying their dogs loved it. Price: $9

8. Dog Toy Piñata

ZippyPaws – Zippy Burrow Interactive Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy – Piñata

You can’t forget to provide activities and games! This interactive squeaky hide and seek toy piñata is sure to be a big hit with your pup and their guests. The toy comes with a piñata and three candies that your dog can dig out. Each candy even comes with a squeaker.

All the reviewers say their pups love the toy. Some said it kept their dogs busy, and they love burrowing to find the tiny toys inside the piñata. Price: $11

9. Dog Party Favors

Puppy Dog Birthday Party Water Bottle Labels

If you want to throw the perfect party with every detail planned, you can’t forget about the little things. These dog birthday party bottle labels are perfect for your dog’s birthday party. It’s the little things that pull a party together, and these stickers are easy to apply and fit the theme perfectly.

All six customer who left reviews on Amazon gave glowing, five-star reviews. Reviewers say that these stickers are easy to apply and look great, were an “absolute hit,” fit the theme, and “added that extra special touch.” Price: $10

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