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Cocker Spaniels are known for their happy, friendly temperament, and the breed’s sweet personality is a big part of why it has been the favorite of many for centuries. With an ever-wagging tail, they look up at you eagerly with soulful eyes, their face framed by silky, long ears. The breed standard says the Cocker’s expression is “intelligent, alert, soft and appealing.” Who can resist?

With his medium size, can-do attitude, and beautiful coat in a variety of solid and parti colors, the Cocker Spaniel is cherished as a top-notch companion.

And when they are puppies, oh, my … combine the breed’s appealing traits with the natural curiosity and playfulness of puppyhood, and baby Cocker Spaniels are about as cute as you can get.

Try to keep from smiling as these buff Cocker puppies investigate the camera:

To learn more about Cocker Spaniels and whether the breed is right for you, check out the AKC breed page and visit the website of the breed’s national parent club, the American Spaniel Club.

Want more cute Cocker Spaniels? Watch the pups play with a toy:
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