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December may be months away and, yes, it’s currently sweltering outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Get a head start on your shopping with these Christmas in July sales on the AKC Shop! Here are some gift ideas for the pup-obsessed people in your inner circle.

For Dog-Loving Moms

Embroidered Tote Bag
Your mother’s dog may not go with her everywhere, but an artistically embroidered image of him can! This breed-specific tote is made of heavy-duty cotton canvas, and its generous size allows for smaller canine companions to hitch a ride.

Breed-Specific T-Shirt
You can never have too many t-shirts, and this one is sure to become your mom’s go-to. Not only does it come in five different colors, but it’s 100% cotton, which equals COMFORT.

Oval Jewelry
Convinced your mom loves the dog more than you? You’ll soon move to the top of her list with this sterling silver or silver and 14 caret gold pendant featuring her favorite breed. She’ll want to show it off everywhere she goes.

Dog Sculpture
A hand-cast and hand-painted sculpture of your mom’s favorite breed will certainly win you brownie points. These adorable pieces are so well-crafted, it will feel like you’re looking at the real thing.

For Dog-Loving Dads

Embroidered Blanket
What’s better than curling up under a warm fleece blanket on a cold day? This product, which comes in six different colors, is perfect for watching football and naps with the dog.

Breed-Specific Fleece Jacket
It’s hard to think about jackets in July, but your dad will appreciate this Eddie Bauer fleece when the cold weather rolls in. Dog lovers everywhere will be asking where he got it.

Sports Chair
If your dad shows up for every game, is the king of the beach, or a master of tailgates, this sports chair is perfect for him. It has a fold-out table, padded armrests, and an insulated beverage pouch.

Key Ring
Your dad can now take his dog everywhere with this brass key ring that features a bronze breed-specific mini-sculpture. It may just hold the key to his heart!

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For Your Favorite Dog-Loving Uncle

Embroidered Baseball Cap

Your uncle, or another fun-loving male in your life, will enjoy this cotton twill baseball cap. It comes in enough colors to suit any style and, best of all, prominently features an adorable dog on the crown.

Illustrated Coffee Mug
We believe coffee tastes twice as good when it’s served in a ceramic mug like this one. Your relative will appreciate the generous size, as well as the fact that it’s microwave and dishwasher safe.


Luggage Tags
For the traveling man, a distinctive luggage tag saves time and energy when searching among dozens of identical black roller cases. This glossy tag is printed with a breed-specific image on both sides, so it always shows off his favorite pup.

Cutting Board
Whether your relative is a master chef or just likes slicing limes for cocktails, he’ll get a kick out of this cutting board. It’s made of tempered glass and features a witty message to go along with the colorful breed image.

For Your Dog-Loving BFF

Bangle Bracelet
If your best friend is known for her style, she’ll rock this contemporary bangle bracelet. It’s made of sleek stainless steel and is stackable — just in case she has more than one favorite breed!

Dog Ornaments
What’s Christmas without something new to put on the tree? These charming crystal ornaments are whimsical, festive, and meant to be cherished for years to come.

Wine Glass
Wine is good. Drinking it out of a wine glass decorated with a dog is even better. Each of these glasses are hand-painted, making them a one-of-a kind gift.

Breed Phone Case
Thanks to this phone case, your BFF will think of you any time she texts. Plus, they’re compatible for most iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models.

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