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It’s every dog owner’s nightmare: leaving your dog home alone and having a dangerous situation occur while you’re gone. Triniti trusted that her dog was safe and sound while she was just out for dinner. Little did she know, there was a carbon monoxide leak in her home. She could have lost her beloved dog Ruger, but luckily for her family, Triniti had recently purchased a Furbo Dog Camera, an interactive camera and treat dispenser designed specifically for use with dogs. On that fateful day, Furbo would save Ruger’s life.

You see, Furbo allows Triniti to check on Ruger while she’s away. She can see him, talk to him, and even give him treats through the ingenious device. With an easy-to-understand app, Furbo allows owners to not only see their dogs while they are away, but also to communicate with them.

On that fateful day, Triniti turned the Furbo on and left the house. While she was at dinner, Furbo alerted her that Ruger was barking –- something he never does. She was immediately worried, and although there appeared to be nothing wrong when she looked in the camera, she could hear her carbon monoxide alarm in the background. That is what set Ruger off. Triniti and her boyfriend immediately left the restaurant and hurried home, calling 911 en route.

All’s well that ends well, they say. And for Ruger, the situation ended well because Furbo helped save his life by alerting his owner to a critical problem. “The crazy thing was, I had been feeling sick for a week and couldn’t figure out why,” Triniti says. “I’m relieved Furbo’s barking alerts helped us get Ruger out of a dangerous situation. We had no idea Furbo would end up saving Ruger’s life!”

Even if you have a dog that barks a lot, you know when he is really trying to tell you something. Being able to see and hear your dog when you are out gives you a peace of mind you never had before. “Dog owners love to receive real-time alerts, so they know exactly what their dogs are up to,” says Victor Chang, CEO of Tomofun, the company behind Furbo.


The Furbo Dog Camera was recently integrated with artificial intelligence capabilities to make it even more useful. The device uses dog recognition technology to recognize dog behaviors, including chewing and jumping on furniture, in addition to barking. It also recognizes “cute” moments, such as when your two dogs are playing together, or when your dog is staring into the camera. When Furbo recognizes these behaviors, it sends you an alert, so you can either check in to see if anything is amiss, reward your dog with a treat, or snap your next Instagram-worthy picture.

With an easy-to-understand app, Furbo also allows you to communicate with your dog. By rewarding good behavior with a real treat and a “good girl” via the two-way talking device, you can continue to train your dog, even when you’re away from home.

Furbo has other practical uses, as well. Furbo’s dog recognition technology can tell the difference between a person and a dog. Whether it’s a pet sitter or an intruder, Furbo will notify you when any person enters your home. You will also have access to a daily event timeline, which is helpful if you are looking for trends in your dog’s behavior. For example, if you have a dog with anxiety issues, this can help you determine whether her anxiety is getting better or worse, or if she more stressed at certain times of the day. You can even observe how long you can be gone before your dog starts an unwanted behavior, such as chewing the couch. Maybe you just want to let your dog’s Facebook fans know what he did all day. With Furbo, you can do it all.

There is always the possibility that something serious can happen while you’re away from home, and you might not know about it. Even if you’re not away for long, accidents can happen — while you’re at work or just out to dinner, as Triniti learned. No one wants to come home to a tragedy, especially one that could have been prevented. The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to leave home without the worry, knowing your best friend is just a screen touch away.