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Highly intelligent and stubborn at times, friendly and easily trained – Boston terrier are a joy to spend time with but of course owners would know this. Here are ten other things that Boston terrier owners know to be true:

1. Life in the day of a Boston terrier usually goes from curiosity, to excitement, to entirely losing their minds….to crashing out.

2. They are the kings of the cocked head.

“What? What you talking about?!”


3. Windy pops. You may laugh but only Boston terrier owners truly feel the pain. The smells that come out these little guys is unreal.

4. Yes. They're cute and relatively small but they will manage to take the entire bed and keep you awake with their snoring all night. On the other hand waking up to that little face makes up for it all.

5. Don't you dare consider treating this little pup like a lap dog. They may only be 11lbs but in their mind they're 115lbs.

6. Boston terriers are the definition of easy going. Wanna go for a walk? Sure. Play with the kids? Cool! Snuggles? Great.

Credit: Instagram/@MonsterTheBT

7. They have killer smiles.

Credit: Instagram/@MonsterTheBT

8. My word do they love balls! Balls are the best. In fact any toys. They're obsessed.

9. These little dogs have so much drool that sometimes they're able to blow a slobber bubble which hang off the side of their mouth. Now that's talent.

Credit: Instagram/@MonsterTheBT

10. They are little heart-breakers. They aren’t called the “American Gentlemen” for nothing.

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