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As with every April Fools’ Day, the internet was full of jokes, tricks, and pranks on Monday. From Halo Top’s edible ice cream face mask to McDonald’s milkshake dipping sauce, it seemed like every brand was pulling a prank or debuting a new, fake product.

Many brands decided to pull on pet-lovers’ heartstrings and feature fake dog products. Here are some of the best pet-related hoaxes from April Fools’ Day 2019.

Roku’s Pet-Friendly Remote

What do dogs do every day when their owners are at work? Roku decided to help dogs out and announced a pet-friendly remote. The fake remote has dog-friendly features including animal-themed shortcut buttons, bask assistant technology, and built-in sub-WOOFer, according to Roku’s blog post.

Stash for Dogs

Stash, an investment app, introduced “Stash for Dogs” — a dog-friendly investing platform. According to the Stash blog, with the new app, dogs can invest in stocks and get started with just five bones.

Furever Weddings by Petco

Petco announced a new pet wedding service to help dogs and pets get married. The company claimed it would start offering services for dog weddings such as pet-i-cures, edible decor, formal wear fittings, petiquette training, and even fur facials.

Groom’d by Wayfair Registry

Wayfair had a similar idea. On Monday, it announced Groom’d, a dog wedding registry. With this new feature, humans can get their dogs exactly what they wanted on their big day. Dogs can register for furniture and decor, according to Wayfair’s website.

Invisible Canine Aligners

Thankfully, Smile Direct Club has a solution for dogs with crooked teeth. It announced invisible aligners for dogs. Dogs just have to order a kit, take a bite, and Smile Direct Club will make a pup-pression and send it back. Dogs have to wear the aligners for six months, and they’ll have a perfect smile, according to Smile Direct Club’s website.

Dogs-only Gourmet School

Plated joked on Monday that it is now offering dog-only gourmet school. The package includes eight weeks of intensive training classes, and dogs who complete the class receive a pet-degree. With the new program, pet-friendly dishes with recipe cards translated to Dogspeak are available, according to Plated’s announcement.

REI Pet Ventures

REI Adventures is offering guided pet-only adventures. Now dogs and other pets can travel the world with REI, according to REI’s website. The company is starting with four offerings: Great Smokey Mountain Glamping for Cats, Yellowstone Kayaking Escape for Betta Fish, New Zealand Country Cycling: Mini-Donkey Route, and Thailand Beach Climbing Adventure: Hedgehog Route.

Pizza Hut Delivery Dogs

Pizza Hut announced on Twitter a new dog delivery team. “He don’t protec. He don’t attac. But he do deliver a pizza snac,” according to the tweet.

Lovable Robot Dogs Improve Company Culture

Xometry published a case study about a realistic, lovable robot dog. The robot dog is designed to be loyal and responsive, and not take up employee time by needing walks and food, according to the Xometry blog post. The dog supposedly improves company culture at start-ups and large companies.

Petible Arrangements

For a short period of time, Edible Arrangements claimed they would start selling Petible arrangements, bouquets for dogs. The pet arrangements include treats, bones, tennis balls, and toys.


WayUp announced WayPup, a new service for dogs who are looking for a job. According to WayUp’s website, they found some jobs dogs will “roll over for.” A couple dog jobs are already posted including office manager at JPawMorgan, fashion pawlice at Stitch Fix, sanitation deputy at New York Police Department, District K9, hype dog for The Jonas Brothers, and 2020 pawlitical candidate.

Justin Bieber’s Dog Ultrasound

On Monday, Justin Bieber posted a series of photos on Instagram. The first showed an ultrasound, the second was doctors checking his wife, Hailey’s belly, but the third was another ultrasound showing a dog.

US Open Includes Puppies in Ballperson Team

US Open Tennis tweeted that it’s adding puppies to the ball person team this year, and all breeds are welcome. Dog owners tweeted back with pictures and videos of their pets with tennis balls. Unfortunately, this is just a joke and dogs won’t make an appearance at the US Open.


Starbucks announced a new concept store, Pupbucks, on Twitter. Pupbucks is a store just for dogs, and according to the video is opening soon. The video features an employee of Pupbucks who talks about its clientele, and the challenges and rewards of working at the dog-only store.

Poopsakes by American Kennel Club

This April 1, we got in on the fun by launching our own prank product: Poopsakes, a new memento for the home or office to remind people of their dog every day. Each Poopsake is customizable, breed-specific, and hand-painted in the USA.
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