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Originally hunting dogs, German Shorthaired Pointers have been an AKC-recognized breed since 1930. In the succeeding decades, the GSP has become known for its energy, athleticism, and noble countenance, as well as its distinctive coat.

Just as you would with any pet, research a German Shorthaired Pointer’s needs and characteristics before bringing home a pup. This way, you can make the most informed decision possible, as a dog is a lifelong commitment. But when you decide you are ready to add a GSP to your family, check our list of perfect names below!


One of the most important figures in the GSP’s history was Albrecht zu Solms-Braunfels. This 19th-century nobleman worked tirelessly to breed the best hunting dog possible from various different canines. To honor this pup’s princely patriarch, try Albie as an affectionate but royal-sounding name.


Why not name your GSP after one of the most famous Teutonic titans of recent times? Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, to be sure, but his fame carried to Germany and beyond.


Bred for hunting, the GSP can use its athletic frame to sprint short distances or lope long distances. This pup is also excellent at tracking down felled prey or sticks: hence the name Chase!

German Shorthaired Pointer retrieving a stick in a field.
©fesenko -


One famous hunter was the Roman goddess Diana, also known as Artemis to the Greeks. A fierce protector of her chastity and honor, Diana famously adored her canine companions, who accompanied her as she prowled the forests.


Because GSPs’ beautiful coats are often speckled with abundant bits of white, Dot works as an ideal name for your new pup. It’s short, sweet, and oh-so-charming.


Fred is derived from the common German name Friedrich (Frederick in English). Friedrich means “peaceful ruler,” and such a regal moniker definitely suits the stately GSP.


This unisex name means “heather field”—one place that GSPs definitely feel at home, whether chasing game or gamboling through in search of fun!

German Shorthaired Pointer running outdoors.
WilleeCole/Getty Images Plus


This old-school name gives off a refined air. It’s perfect for the GSP, which has long accompanied princes and aristocrats alike to the hunt.


In tales of Greek mythology, Orion was the mightiest human hunter to walk the Earth, and later the gods famously immortalized him as a constellation. As a gundog, the German Shorthaired Pointer would have been an ideal companion for this mythic man.

JMichl/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images


This dish is an absolute staple of German cuisine, featuring a piece of meat pounded thinly that is then breaded and fried. What better way to pay homage the GSP’s heritage than by naming them after a fried feast?


The GSP’s energy and long legs make it poetry in motion when it runs. That physical beauty echoes the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which is easy on the ears when played.

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