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German Shepherd Dogs are marked by their smarts, confidence, and unshakable bravery. While the breed is all of those powerful things, they are also graceful, gentle souls who can be a great match for the right family.

Like with any pet though, it’s important to fully understand a breed’s specific needs and personality before bringing them home. German Shepherds are truly magnificent, loyal companions, but they can require specific training and time to adjust to their new surroundings. Be sure to do your research and ask all of your questions to a responsible breeder before bringing home a German Shepherd of your own.

If you have decided that a German Shepherd Dog is right for you and are in need of a name that is fitting of this exceptional breed, take a look below:


Derived from the Old High German name Brun, Bruno literally translates to the color “brown”. More commonly, German Shepherds’ coats are a lovely mix of warm brown and black bi-color hues.


A beloved breed of military groups all over the world, Captain is a fitting moniker that can also tie back to the origin of German Shepherds back in the 1800s. Captain Max von Stephanitz was a German cavalry officer who developed the breed in hopes that it would become the ideal German herder dog.


German Shepherds are commonly utilized as police dogs. Chase is a cartoon character who plays the role of an officer himself on a hit kids show. But you don’t have to be a fan of the Paw Patrol to love this German Shepherd name choice. The name Chase has both French and Old English ties and holds the meaning, “to hunt”.


Another name that can honor the breed’s gorgeous brown coloring, Coco can also pay tribute to the acclaimed designer Coco Chanel. The breed has a sophisticated nature and is a classic companion, just like the fashion house’s designs are both timeless and polished.

German Shepherd Dog puppies playing in the grass.


Dealla is a name of Irish origin and means “protector”. This beautiful name represents the German Shepherd’s innate ability to guard and watch over their loved ones.


A genius-inspired name for a genius dog. As a philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer who discovered Jupiter among other notable telescopic discoveries, Galileo Galilei was a genius of his time and would surely be considered the same in today’s modern-day. Like the proposed namesake, German Shepherds are incredibly intelligent and devoted to solving problems and completing tasks at hand.


Simple and sweet, the German Shepherd name Gracie can embody the agile, gracefulness of the breed.

Hansel and Gretel

For a pair of German Shepherds that love treat time, Hansel and Gretel can make for a playful name combination that ties back to the breed’s German heritage.


The breed is considered one of the finest all-purpose workers of all dog types. Jack could be a great name choice for a German Shepherd that wears many purposeful hats, as they have the ability and inclination to be a Jack of All Trades.


This German name is a form of Judith. Jutta has a strength to it that matches the majestic power of the German Shepherd quite nicely.


Another name that hails from the breed’s Military routes. Major can make for a great German Shepherd name choice, especially if the dog is intended to be a working dog.


A variant of the classic name Mary, Mimi comes from both French and German origins and has varied meanings including, “faithful guard”.


A geographic name is always a timeless choice. The Rhine River runs through Germany, the breed’s country of origin.


As far as German Shepherd names go, this one really hits right on the nose. Shep is an English name that means, “shepherd”.


You have to love a good old food-inspired pet name for a good old favorite dog breed.


The German Shepherd can appear quite wolf-like. Wolfgang is a German name that is a combination of the Old High German words wolf, meaning “wolf”, and gang, meaning “path”, “journey” and “travel”.

Now that you have found the perfect German Shepherd name, we wish you the best on your next step in your pet ownership journey. We know that choosing your pet’s name is only the beginning of the fun you will have together.

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