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Fresh mountain air and views of woodsy valleys are just a few exciting aspects of hiking with your dog. You’ve likely brought along some basics for you and your pup when out on hikes, but there’s an array of great gear available to optimize your outdoor adventures – even some that let your canine carry their own supplies. Read on to find out which dog-centric products you’ll want to have in tow for your next hiking trip.

Dog Trail Pack

Hurtta Trail Dog Backpack


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The Hurtta Trail Dog Backpack comes with an adjustable belt, collar, and chest strap, allowing for a comfortable fit while on the move. The pack is removable from the harness and features convenient and sizable storage pockets. Zippers surrounding the bag are waterproof so that contents inside stay dry, and in case of emergencies, accessible handles on top allow you to quickly grab hold of your dog. Surrounding the exterior are multiple 3M reflectors, to help improve visibility on dark paths. Designed for an assortment of dog breeds, this pack comes in two sizes, ranging from 20-40 lbs. and 40-80 lbs.

Several reviewers rave about this product, especially noting its great quality for the price. The Hurtta Trail Dog Backpack has endured many hikes with large dog owners, with one reviewer even crediting the top handle with helping save their dog’s life. Some note that while the plastic pegs attached may appear flimsy, they’ve held up through many adventures. The manufacturer suggests that owners measure their dogs, especially across the chest, to ensure a comfortable fit for the harness. Price: $80-110

Dog Backpack

RUFFWEAR Approach Pack


The versatile Ruffwear Approach Pack is made for adventurers. With five points of adjustment, these packs offer a custom fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The pack features two separate leash attachment points made of aluminum V-rings, while exterior pockets allow storage for all your belongings. Reflective strips on the exterior increase visibility at night, while a durable padded handle up top allows for easy transport. The Ruffwear Approach Pack comes in either orange or green, with sizes ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large.

With almost 400 positive reviews, this pack has been a big hit with consumers. Some note that while the pack didn’t irritate their dog on hikes, owners should be careful about how much goes into the pack on hot days. Moreover, many reviewers state that for very small dogs up to 15 lbs., it’s important to measure your dog, to ensure they aren’t engulfed by the pack. Ruffwear includes a suggested sizing chart, but the adjustable straps are a better way to ensure the best possible fit. Price: $80

Treat Pouch

Wonder Creature Dog Treat Pouch With Bottle Holder


The multi-functional Wonder Creature Dog Treat Pouch is made out of water-resistant nylon and features a heavy-duty clip and buckle for extended hikes. Easily attachable around the waist, the pouch includes a water bottle holder to keep you and your pup hydrated during hiking adventures. On top of the pouch and water bottle holder, each order includes a free dog training clicker and a collapsible water bowl. The useful side pouch can be used to store dog toys, additional waste bags, and more, with a dedicated space for headphones.

More than 100 positive reviews highlight the Wonder Creature Treat Pouch’s great quality for its price, with many mentioning the free attachments as a bonus. While this product can be great for training, owners should be wary of aggressive chewers and enterprising pups who may find ways to open the treat pouch on their own. Price: $14

Dog Harness

Hurtta Active Dazzle Dog Harness


Looking for an easy-to-equip harness for your next excursion outdoors with your dog? The Hurtta Active Dog Harness might be for you. This harness features adjustable straps, side buckles, and an adjustable chest strap for a comfortable fit, with available sizes ranging from 16 to 47 inches at the chest. Lastly, 3M reflectors located on the exterior make it easier to find your dog during darkly-lit hikes or emergencies.

Many of the more than 50 reviews of the Hurtta Active Dog Harness reveal that owners were surprised by how much their dogs enjoyed this harness. Some warn, however, that the fabric may be easy to rip if your dog is an aggressive chewer. However, many consumers praise this product as perfect for dogs that tend to pull on hikes or walks. Price: $29-42

Rope Leash

Hurtta Mountain Rope Leash


The rugged Hurtta Mountain Rope Leash is built to mimic climbing ropes and includes hardware made out of aluminum for a lightweight feel and extreme durability. The leash features 3M reflective material throughout for increased visibility during nighttime hikes, and machine-washable fabric makes it easy and convenient to clean. Designed and produced by Finnish company Hurtta, these products are known for their high quality. Leash lengths range from 6′ 1/2″ to 6′ 1/3″, with availability in five different colors.

Several reviewers note that this rope leash has held up through years of outdoor adventures. Others have praised the product’s lightweight and comfortability when held. Under tension, the leash exhibits a slight elasticity, to provide for increased fun during hikes and trail runs. Price: $27

Hands-Free Waist Leash

Paw Lifestyles Hands-Free Dog Leash


The Paw Lifestyle Retractable Waist Leash gives your hands a break and also allows you to access your smartphone easily while hiking with your dog. If you’re the type to leave your phone at home on hikes, the versatile pouch in the 48-inch waistband enables storage for keys, debit cards, dog treats, or other trinkets you might take on the trail. A dedicated ‘traffic handle’ gives you the option of better canine control in crowded areas, while a durable 2-inch D-ring is attached for bringing your dog’s waste bags along. Additionally, due to the shock-absorbing bungee woven within, the Paw Lifestyle leash can withstand quick motions like running, safely and easily.

This leash has received high praise, boasting a 4.5-star rating after more than 750 reviews. Many mention that the product is great for dogs who try to break free on hikes, as well as those who are just tough to control. Some even note that they were able to bike with their dog by leaving the waistband a little loose to absorb movement from their furry friend. The leash comes in two available colors and includes an attachment for any additional friends to come along. Price: $20

Cooling Vest

Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest


As you’ve likely noticed reading this article, Hurtta offers some great hiking gear for dogs, and this cooling dog vest is no exception. Designed to protect and cool, this vest also provides vital circulation to your dog’s heart and chest during even the hottest hiking trips. The vest is currently available in two colors and sizes range from XXS – XXL, with sizes XXS – S including an attachment for a dog leash.

The Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest More has been called a “life-saver for summer” by some reviewers, especially those with thick-coated dogs. Consumers also praised the vest’s ability to help extend hikes or playtime with their pups in the hot summer weather. Price: $30

Dog Hiking Boots

QUMY Waterproof Boots for Dogs


These easy-to-equip QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots expand with a wide-split opening and feature velcro straps for a comfortable fit across any hiking terrain. The boots include reflective strips to keep your dog safe in dimly-lit areas, with availability in four colors and up to nine different sizes. The sole of these boots is made of rugged rubber to ensure a non-slip adventure, while also keeping your dog’s paws safe from hot ground during warmer weather.

More than 1,000 reviews have been written for these QUMY boots, with many claiming them to be the best dog boots around. Some reviewers state that it took a couple of wears to get their dog accustomed, but afterward, the boots helped extend hikes and walks and aided mobility on difficult surfaces. Price: $30.

Collapsible Food and Water Bowl

WINSEE Collapsible and Portable Silicone Dog Bowl


The BPA-free and dishwasher-safe Winsee Collapsible Dog Bowl is great for all of your hiking excursions. Not only is this silicone product lead-free, but the two bowls can hold food or water while hosting two furry friends at the same time. Each bowl holds 35 oz or 4.5 cups of food or water at full height, making it great for dogs large and small. The suction-bottomed mat prevents the bowls from moving around, while also catching unwanted spills.

Additionally, this product includes a 365-day warranty, for any issues that may arise. Many reviewers note that they highly recommend the Winsee bowl, with consumers calling it “a great companion” for trips. However, some note that the soft silicone may be enticing to aggressive chewers, and should therefore always be stored safely. The attachable ring allows to be attached to gear, but reviewers affirm that it will keep its shape even after being folded in half. Price: $17

Travel Water Bottle

Highwave Dog Travel Water Bottle


The Highwave Travel Water Bottle is convenient for any type of hiking trip, as it doesn’t waste any water. With just one squeeze, water will easily fill up the bowl attachment, but once you release, it trickles back into the bottle. The BPA-free bottle includes a tight lock to save every last drop, and consumers can choose from six unique colors.

Reviewers claim that the Highwave water bottle is great for any type of travel, with one praising it as “the best dog water bottle I’ve ever used.” The bottle will never spill, but consumers warn that, unless it is full, it can be tricky to squeeze out water for your canine. Price: $23.

Cooling Water Bowl

Te-Wai FreeZone Cooling Pet Water Bowl


The eco-friendly, toxic-free, and FDA-approved Te-Wai FreeZone Dog Water Bowl can keep your companion’s water cold for up to six hours. Designed to fit any adventure, this bowl stores safely in a pouch which can double as a cooling collar for dogs of any size. The Te-Wai bowl was built to quickly cool down water during even the hottest hikes, and it can also be worn as a belt around the waist if your dog is too small to wear a collar.

Reviewers praise this bowl’s durability and design, noting its ability to withstand dogs’ chewing, as well as its tendency to keep water cooler longer when compared to standard metal or plastic bowls. Price: $8

Flea & Tick Spray

Pura Naturals Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs


Keep your four-legged friend free of unwanted pests on hikes with this Pura Naturals Flea and Tick Spray. While the company is known for all-around high-quality products, dog owners are especially interested in this spray, as it’s both effective and eco-friendly. Not only does the spray fight fleas and ticks, it also helps keep mosquitoes at bay, all the while aiding in soothing irritated skin. Made with peppermint oil, cedar oil, and other natural oils, the Pura Naturals spray doubles as a way to help condition your dog’s coat.

Reviewers have highlighted some favored features of this spray, noting its effectiveness, lack of chemical smell, and absence of irritants to dogs. Some even excitedly claimed that they’ve watched bugs hover above their dog instead of on its fur. Price: $14

Paw Balm

Pure and Natural Pet Organic Paw Rescue Balm


If you’re looking for a USDA-approved, organic paw balm for your dog, Pure and Natural Pet has you covered. This paw balm is made with all-natural ingredients, to help soothe and heal paws that may be damaged by heat, ice, or treacherous hiking terrain. Manufactured in the USA, this balm is safe for dogs with allergies and sensitive paws and can aid in conditioning any pet’s paws, from puppyhood through old age. Reviewers rave that this balm smells great because of its all-natural ingredients, but some note that it’s easy for dogs to lick off, so its suggested application time is when your pup is tired or about to fall asleep. Price: $18

Dog Sunscreen

Warren London Dog Sunscreen With Aloe Vera


Protect your four-legged friend from the sun year-round with this Warren London natural aloe-vera-infused dog sunscreen. Aside from sun protection during hot hikes, this lotion will keep your dog’s skin and coat moisturized. The Warren London dog sunscreen dries almost immediately, making it lick-safe, but the USA-made lotion contains only non-toxic ingredients anyway, just to be safe.

Many reviews for this product highlight it’s efficacy on dogs’ noses, paws, and coats, in addition to its ability to lengthen time spent hiking or hanging in the sun with pups. Lastly, consumers like that the spray doesn’t leave a greasy residue or thicken upon application to their dogs. Price: $13

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