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Sorry cat lovers, dogs are simply better snugglers. Here are nine reasons why dogs are the best cuddle buddies:

1. They will be the big spoon or the little spoon.

wirehaired dachschund puppies

2. They manage to look cute when stealing your blanket. And because they look SO adorable, you don't even care that you're blanket-less.


Stealing my blanket #pippin #englishspringerspaniel #dog

A photo posted by Karen (@kazters) on Aug 26, 2015 at 2:01pm PDT

3. They aren't afraid to give you a big smooch. (And hope there was some leftover food on your face.)

puppy kiss

4. They'll keep you warm if you don't have a blanket. Buuuuut, they might wonder why you're taking up so much room.

sleepy pug
Photo: Don LaVange/Flickr

5. And even while snoozing, they look cuter than any significant other ever could.

sleeping chow
Photo: Selbie/Flickr

6. They'll warm up your spot in the bed. And keep it warm.

sleeping golden

7. They'll make sure you're loved, even when asleep.

guy and beagle sleeping

8. They'll beat you to the coffee.

9. But most importantly, they'll wake you up with a smile.



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