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Even though we give our dog a name, many times we also give them a nickname, as well. “Sammy” gets shortened to “Sam,” for example. Similarly, Labrador Retrievers are often called Labs, just as Golden Retrievers are called “Goldens.”

But did you know that some breeds have special nicknames? These nicknames were crafted especially for the breed, based on some characteristic or historical fact. Just like Florida is the “Sunshine State,” because it’s warm and sunny there, the Boston Terrier is the “American gentleman of dogs” because of his characteristically gentle disposition.

Learn more about the Boston’s nickname, as well as the nicknames of eight other breeds, below!

1. The Red Daredevil

The Irish Terrier is also known as the “red daredevil.” Unsurprisingly, the red refers to the color of the breed’s coat. As for the daredevil part of the nickname, it befits the spirit and courage of the Irish Terrier. These dogs are known for their independent nature, versatility, and intelligence.


2. The Gray Ghost

“The gray ghost” could only refer to one breed, and that of course, is the Weimaraner. The distinctive color of the Weimaraner’s short, sleek coat is unlike the color of any other dog. With the gray coat and stealthy style of hunting, you might just think you’re seeing a ghost walking around in the forest.


3. The King of Terriers

The “King of Terriers,” refers to the largest of the terriers, the Airedale. Airedales live up to this nickname with their sturdy, athletic bodies, and also with their personalities. Airedale Terriers are intelligent, self-assured, and courageous. They are incomparable companions for those who own them.


4. The Barkless Dog

It’s no surprise that the Basenji is also referred to as “the barkless dog.” The Basenji is known for his ability to yodel, as well as make a range of other sounds including growls, crows, and howls. The Basenji is independent-natured, smart, and alert.


5. Multum in Parvo

“Multum in parvo” means a lot of dog in a small space, which could only be the nickname of the charming, loving, and mischievous Pug. Pugs may be small, but they’re recognized for their incredible personalities. Pugs are even-tempered, playful, outgoing, and have endless curiosity.


6. The Apollo of Dogs

One of the most important of the Greek gods, Apollo ranks highly in much of ancient Greek literature and culture. The “Apollo of dogs” is none other than one of the biggest dogs around, the Great Dane. The Great Dane is legendary for his size and for his power, as well. This breed has an elegant, regal appearance and a spirited, courageous, and sensitive nature.apollo_of_dogs

7. The Butterfly Dog

The “butterfly dog” refers to the Papillon, and the name literally means butterfly in French. The Papillon got its name from its ears. The breed’s ears are always carried erect and spread like the wings of a butterfly. The Papillon is happy, outgoing, alert, and an excellent companion.


8. The American Gentleman Among Dogs

The American gentleman among dogs is none other than the Boston Terrier. The breed is nicknamed as such because of its characteristically gentle disposition. It is also an American-made dog, created from a combination of Bulldogs and White English Terriers.


9. The Dutch Barge Dog

The nickname “Dutch barge dog” refers to the Keeshond’s historical roots. Keeshonden evolved in Holland, where they were known as barge dogs and used to patrol barges, riverboats, and farms. Now, these friendly, lively, and outgoing dogs make great watchdogs, companions, and dog sport competitors.


What other breed nicknames can you think of? Let us know in the Facebook comments!