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While Lassie made the Collie breed famous, Collies have been treasured for over a century for their legendary herding and guarding talents. Working in the Scottish Highlands and Northern England, this herding breed is fast, strong, and smart. Queen Victoria made the breed fashionable, and the unique traits of the Collie have made him a beloved pet ever since. There are so many reasons to love the Collie — here are just a few.

1. The Collie is a highly social animal, devoted to his family. They’re sensitive dogs that seem to have a special understanding of their humans’ feelings. They love and need to be with their family. Collies are excellent companions for everyone in the family, young and old.

2. Speaking of family, Collies seem to have a natural affinity for children. They’re playful, protective, and affectionate with the kids in the family.


3. Collies are easier to groom than you would think. That long, flowing coat only needs to be brushed about once a week, and Collies don’t have that doggy odor that many breeds have. Did you know there is also a Smooth Collie? He has a dense, short coat that’s quite different from the abundant, glorious coat of his rough coat kin. In general, Collies are very clean.

4. Collies are really smart and easily trained. They learn quickly and respond well to gentle training. They’re also among the easiest breeds to housebreak.

5. Collies need only moderate exercise. Because they’re so social, they may get enough physical and mental stimulation walking or jogging with the family. They’re always up for a game of catch or Frisbee, or just playing in the yard with the kids. After playtime, the Collie is a champion couch potato.


6. With their responsiveness, grace, and intelligence, Collies do very well at dog sports like herding, agility, and obedience. And, with their love of attention, they shine in the spotlight.

7. Collies have long captured the imagination. Albert Payson Terhune, who is renowned for his stories about dogs, wrote “Lad, a Dog,” which was later made into a movie. Perhaps the most beloved dog movie of all time, “Lassie Come Home,” was based on a novel of the same name by Eric Knight. The film was so popular, it spawned six sequels. And of course, there's the TV series, “Lassie,” which ran from 1954-1973 and was a childhood staple for so many of us.
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