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Got a minute?

If so, you can learn the essentials of any breed. Not enough to call yourself an expert, of course. But in the time it takes to watch a TV commercial, one of our “60-Second Seminars” can provide you with just enough breed knowledge to bluff your way through a conversation at the dog park.

The average adult reading speed is 300 words a minute. So, here are exactly 300 words on the Weimaraner:

There are few pictures in dogdom as breathtaking as the sight of a sleek, muscular Weimaraner (WY-mah-rah-ner ) on point in the field. Called the “Gray Ghost” for its color and quiet style of hunting, the breed was named for the German town of Weimar. There, the hunt-happy nobles of the 19th century crossbred local hunting dogs (the German Shorthaired Pointer, among them) to create a breed originally meant to go after bears, wolves, and other big game. As the big predatory animals of Europe were increasingly hunted to extinction, German sportsmen found new uses for their adaptable gray dogs. These days, the eager and versatile Weimaraner specializes on game birds, employing a classic pointing-dog style. The breed is famous for its “soft mouth,” that is, its ability to retrieve downed quail or pheasant without damaging them.

The hallmark of the Weimaraner is, of course, a solid silvery-gray coat that requires minimal grooming. Weims are classified as medium-sized dogs: a good male will stand as high as 27 inches at the shoulder, and a female as low as 23 inches. Amber or blue-gray eyes nicely compliment the coat color. The facial expression, set off by long, luscious ears, radiates the innate friendliness and intelligence of the breed.

Weimaraners are born athletes. They love to run and can go all day long, making them excellent running partners. They are swift, active, and tireless and do best with lots of human companionship and some kind of job to do. Happily, Weims excel at any number of dog sports: trials, obedience, agility, tracking, rally —if it’s an activity that can be done alongside their adored human, count them in! A Weimaraner is an ideal pet for active families who can provide the mental stimulation and physical exercise so vital to the breed’s happiness.

… And stop the clock—your minute’s up!

Got another 4 minutes? Take a look at Weimaraners doing what they were bred to do:


Got another minute and 20 seconds? Take a look at Weimaraners doing what they definitely weren’t bred to do:


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