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The American English Coonhound is an extremely active and athletic breed. Full of energy and personality, they are great dogs for people with active lifestyles. Here are some interesting facts about the American English Coonhound:

1. They Were Bred to Hunt Raccoons

The word “coon” in the breed's name refers to raccoon. But the American English Coonhound has been used to hunt raccoons and foxes. Some coonhound breeds hunt both, while others specialize in raccoons.

2. George Washington May Have Helped Develop the Breed

Many of today's coonhounds can trace their origins to the French Blue Gascon Hounds. There is evidence that George Washington was one of the first people in North America to own an American English Coonhound. George Washington was an avid foxhunter and definitely owned and bred foxhounds.

3. They Can Climb Trees

The American English Coonhound has a unique ability: he can climb trees. Coonhounds assist their human hunting partners by tracking and chasing raccoons and then running them up into trees.

aec tree climbing

4. An American English Coonhound Won the First Major Coon Dog Trial

The American English Coonhound is a champion hunter. It was an American English Coonhound that emerged victorious in the first major coon dog trial, which tests a dog on his ability to track and chase raccoons.

5. They're Very Talkative

A survey of American veterinary professionals ranked the American English Coonhound as one of the top 12 most “talkative” dog breeds.

aec 2

6. They Are Also Called Redtick Coonhounds

The American English Coonhound is sometimes referred to as the Redtick Coonhound, after the breed's most common coat color. The other two most common coats are blue and white tick and tricolor with ticking, but there are also American English Coonhounds with red and white, and white and black coats.
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