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The Lakeland Terrier is known for his curiosity and problem-solving ability. This intelligent breed loves a physical or mental challenge and is well suited for an active lifestyle. Here are more interesting facts about the Lakeland Terrier:

1. They Were Named for Their Birthplace

The Lakeland Terrier is named for the Lake District of England, also known as Lakeland. Before he was called the Lakeland Terrier, he was known by many different names, including the Fell, Cumberland, Westmoreland, and Patterdale Terrier.

lakeland terrier 1

2. They Were Bred to Hunt Foxes

The Lakeland Terrier was originally developed to hunt the foxes that were killing English farmers' sheep. Farmers would take the Lakeland Terriers hunting in packs, along with a couple of hound dogs. Lakeland Terriers were also used to hunt otters and vermin.

3. They Are Superior Burrowers

Lord Lonsdale, the first president of the Lakeland Terrier Association, apparently had a Lakeland Terrier who pursued an otter into a 23-foot burrow under solid rock. It took three days to rescue the dog from the burrow.

lakeland terrier 2

4. A Lakeland Won Crufts and Westminster

There have only been two dogs that have ever won Best in Show at both the Crufts dog show in England and the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York—the two biggest dog shows in the world. One of those winners was a Lakeland Terrier, named Stingray of Derryabah, that took both titles in 1967.

5. This Is a Very Rare Breed

The Kennel Club of the United Kingdom lists Lakeland Terriers as a threatened native breed. Only 220 puppies were registered with the Kennel Club in 2016. The number of Lakeland Terriers in the United States is also low.

lakeland terrier 3

6. One Lakeland Terrier Has a Huge Ball Collection

A Lakeland Terrier named Waffle lives in Newton Abbot, England and has a collection of more than 1,000 balls that she started accumulating as a puppy. Some of the balls are almost as big as she is, and she howls whenever her owner tries to get rid of any of them. Waffle's owner ended up using her terrier's collecting habit as a way of raising money for charity.
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